SNL's Top 10 Funniest Skits That Will Leave You in Stitches

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Updated Wednesday, January 10, 2024 at 10:53 AM CDT

SNL's Top 10 Funniest Skits That Will Leave You in Stitches

"Delicious Dish - Alec Baldwin guest staring"

When it comes to holiday skits on SNL, "Delicious Dish" with Alec Baldwin is a standout. This skit is known for its comedic moments that make it seem like the actors are on the verge of breaking character. Baldwin's portrayal of Pete Schweddy, the host of a radio show about culinary delights, is both hilarious and memorable. The skit's clever wordplay and innuendos have made it a fan favorite, earning it a spot on our list of the funniest SNL skits of all time.

"Celebrity Jeopardy"

One of the best recurring skits on SNL is "Celebrity Jeopardy." In this skit, celebrities impersonate famous figures and engage in a hilarious game show format. The comedic timing and improvisation skills of the cast members, particularly Will Ferrell as Alex Trebek and Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery, make this skit an absolute delight to watch. With its witty banter and absurd answers, "Celebrity Jeopardy" has become a fan favorite and has provided countless memorable moments throughout the years.

"Nirvana's Iconic Performance"

When it comes to musical guest performances on SNL, Nirvana's appearance in 1992 is often considered the best. Known for their energetic and iconic stage presence, Nirvana delivered a performance that left a lasting impact. Their raw and powerful performance of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" showcased the band's unique sound and cemented their place in rock music history. This performance is a testament to the power of live music and remains one of the most memorable moments in SNL's musical guest history.

"Hilarious Pre-Recorded Skits"

Two pre-recorded skits that stand out as the funniest on SNL are "D*** in a Box" and "I'm on a Boat." These skits are known for their catchy songs and comedic lyrics. The combination of witty writing and the comedic talents of Andy Samberg and his collaborators resulted in viral sensations that continue to be quoted and referenced to this day. These skits perfectly capture the irreverent and boundary-pushing humor that SNL is known for.

"Outrageously Memorable One-Off Skits"

Choosing the best one-off skit on SNL is no easy task, but "More Cowbell" and "Chippendales Audition" are two that stand out. Both skits are known for their outrageous and memorable performances. "More Cowbell" features Christopher Walken as a music producer pushing for more cowbell in a recording, while the "Chippendales Audition" showcases Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze competing for a spot in the male dance troupe. These skits exemplify SNL's ability to create comedic gold in a single, unforgettable performance.

"Uncomfortably Funny Moments"

"The Rock - World's Most Evil Robot" and "Meet Your Second Wife" are two skits that made the author uncomfortably laugh the most. These skits showcase SNL's ability to push boundaries and tackle dark humor. "The Rock - World's Most Evil Robot" features Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as a sentient robot with a sinister agenda, while "Meet Your Second Wife" takes a satirical look at the concept of marrying younger partners. These skits challenge societal norms and provide a unique blend of discomfort and laughter.

"Chris Farley's Iconic Motivational Speaker"

No list of the funniest SNL skits would be complete without mentioning Chris Farley's iconic portrayal of a motivational speaker living in a van down by the river. Farley's physical comedy and larger-than-life personality brought this character to life and made it one of the most beloved skits in SNL history. The combination of Farley's energy and the absurdity of the situation creates a comedic masterpiece that continues to be celebrated to this day.

"When the Cast Breaks Character"

"Close Encounter" is a skit where the cast breaks character and laughs, making it one of the funniest moments on SNL. The skit revolves around a group of friends sharing their experiences with alien encounters. As the absurdity of the stories escalates, the cast struggles to contain their laughter, resulting in a contagious and unforgettable moment. This skit showcases the camaraderie and spontaneity of the SNL cast, adding an extra layer of humor to the already hilarious premise.

"Political Satire at Its Best"

While political skits are intentionally left off this list, they are acknowledged as some of SNL's best work due to their timely and satirical nature. SNL has a long history of lampooning politicians and political events, providing a humorous take on current affairs. From Alec Baldwin's portrayal of Donald Trump to Kate McKinnon's spot-on impressions of political figures, these skits have become cultural touchstones and a testament to SNL's ability to blend comedy and social commentary.

"Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks"

The "Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks" skit deserves a special mention for its comedy through irony. In this skit, Tom Hanks plays a racist Trump supporter who finds unexpected common ground with the contestants. The skit cleverly uses humor to address racial stereotypes and highlight the complexities of identity and cultural differences. With its brilliant execution and thought-provoking message, this skit is rated 10/10 for its comedic brilliance.

SNL has provided us with countless hilarious skits throughout the years. From holiday-themed sketches to musical guest performances and boundary-pushing comedy, these top 10 funniest skits showcase the talent and creativity of the SNL cast and writers. Whether it's through clever wordplay, outrageous characters, or breaking character and laughing, SNL continues to deliver laughter and entertainment to audiences worldwide.

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