Proving Innocence: How to Dispute Accusations of Using AI in Essay Writing

Emma Wilson

Updated Tuesday, February 20, 2024 at 6:13 AM CDT

Proving Innocence: How to Dispute Accusations of Using AI in Essay Writing

The Shocking Accusation

The author of the essay received a devastating blow when they were accused of using AI to write their essay. Shocked and confused, they vehemently denied the accusation, claiming to have written the entire essay themselves. However, the teacher provided a link that supposedly showed a "100 percent AI" claim attached to the essay. Panicking, the author seeks advice on how to prove their innocence and dispute the accusation.

Uncovering Evidence

One helpful er suggests that the author should pull up the save file or autosave history on their computer. By doing so, they can demonstrate the previous versions and changes made to the essay, providing evidence that it was indeed their own work. Additionally, showing the browser history and search engine history with timestamps can further strengthen their case by showcasing the research conducted during the writing process.

Rewrite Under Supervised Conditions

Another er recommends that the author offers to rewrite the essay under supervised conditions. By doing so, they can prove that they have the capability to produce the same quality of work without relying on AI. This approach not only demonstrates their writing skills but also their commitment to proving their innocence.

Exploiting AI Detectors' Weaknesses

It is worth noting that AI detectors often flag formal writing, which can work in the author's favor. They can use this information to their advantage by highlighting the formal nature of their essay and explaining that it is a result of their diligent research and dedication to the subject matter.

Seeking External Support

If the situation escalates, the author can file a formal complaint and bring adults along, especially if they are a minor. Having the support of parents, guardians, or school authorities can lend credibility to their case and ensure a fair resolution.

Comparing Teacher's Writing

To demonstrate the flaws in the AI detection system, one er suggests using something written by the teacher and running it through an AI content detector. This comparison can reveal that even the teacher's writing could be falsely flagged as AI content, highlighting the unreliability of the accusation.

Communicating with the Teacher

A teacher advises the author to approach their teacher one-on-one and calmly explain the situation. They should provide reasoning for the points made in the essay, emphasizing their own understanding of the topic. While this approach may not work with all teachers, it is a reasonable first step. If necessary, the author can escalate the issue to higher authorities within the school.

Revision History as Evidence

To further prove their innocence, the author can bring the essay file on a USB drive and have the teacher check the revision history. This will provide concrete evidence of the author's writing process and any changes made along the way.

Additional AI Detector Tools

Considering the seriousness of the accusation, the author is advised to run the essay through other AI detectors to gather additional evidence. A Forbes article listing highly-rated AI content detector tools is provided, offering a potential avenue for the author to strengthen their case.

Demonstrating Writing Process

The author should be prepared to show any notes, sources, previous versions, outlines, or other materials that demonstrate their writing process. By presenting these supporting documents, they can further establish their credibility and prove that the essay is their own work.

The Importance of the Midterm Exam

The author expresses their uncertainty about what to do, highlighting the significance of the midterm exam they worked so h******. They are desperate for guidance and advice from others who may have experienced a similar situation.

Gratitude for Support

the author expresses their gratitude in advance for any help or advice provided. They hope that by following the suggested steps, they can prove their innocence and overcome the accusations of using AI in their essay writing.

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