Planning a Surprise Honeymoon: How to Keep the Destination a Secret

Charlotte Martin

Updated Friday, June 14, 2024 at 7:36 AM CDT

Planning a Surprise Honeymoon: How to Keep the Destination a Secret

The Excitement of a Surprise Honeymoon

Planning a honeymoon can be one of the most exciting parts of wedding preparation. For one couple, the thrill is amplified by keeping the honeymoon destination a secret. The fiancée specifically requested not to be told the destination, even if she changes her mind later. This unique twist adds an extra layer of anticipation and excitement to their upcoming trip.

The honeymoon is booked for September, and the destination is a romantic week in Big Sur. The couple will stay in a luxurious hotel overlooking the ocean, complete with a fireplace to enhance the romantic ambiance. This trip is especially thrilling for the fiancée, as she has never seen the ocean before.

Creating Memorable Activities

To make the honeymoon unforgettable, the couple has planned a variety of activities. These include whale watching, driving down the scenic 17 Mile Drive, tide pooling, and beachcombing. Each of these activities offers a unique way to experience the natural beauty of Big Sur and create lasting memories.

Additionally, the couple plans to spend one day in their hotel room playing Smash Bros on the Nintendo Switch and ordering room service. This relaxed day allows them to unwind and enjoy each other's company in a cozy setting.

Hints and Misdirections

Despite the fiancée's initial request not to know the destination, curiosity has gotten the better of her. As a compromise, she receives periodic hints about their honeymoon spot. One misleading hint given is that they are going to Las Vegas, which leaves her unsure and intrigued.

The flight includes a layover in Las Vegas to further confuse her. She was informed that the destination is a 5-6 hour plane trip, without clarifying if this includes layovers, adding another layer of mystery. To help her pack appropriately, she was told the weather conditions and that they would need binoculars for whale watching.

Engaging and Vague Hints

To keep the guessing game engaging, the fiancée was given a series of practical yet vague hints. She was told there are fish there, referencing the Monterey Aquarium and general marine life. Additionally, she was informed there is lots of sand, which could refer to beaches or the desert.

Suggestions for additional hints include stating there are supermarkets, the sun shines during the day, and a man named Jeff lives there. Another playful hint could be mentioning that there is a McDonald's across the street from a Wendy's in one part of town. These hints keep her guessing without giving away too much.

Making the Guessing Game Fun

To make the guessing game more interactive, practical hints about activities were suggested. Asking if she needs a raincoat, swimwear, sneakers for hiking, or formal attire for a dinner provides useful information while maintaining the element of surprise.

Vague hints like "there will be food," "the place we are staying will have a bed," and "people will definitely speak a language" add a humorous touch to the game. Mentioning cliffs and the opportunity to drive to them could hint at either Big Sur or the Grand Canyon, keeping her guessing.

For an extra layer of fun, creating a scavenger hunt with clues leading to other clues around the house or town was suggested. This interactive approach makes the guessing game even more engaging and adds to the overall excitement of the surprise honeymoon.

Final Thoughts

Planning a surprise honeymoon requires creativity and a sense of adventure. By keeping the destination a secret and providing engaging hints, the couple adds an element of mystery and anticipation to their trip. This unique approach ensures that their honeymoon will be a memorable and exciting experience for both of them.

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