Navigating Compliments at Work: How to Be Respectful and Genuine

Mason Riverwind

Updated Thursday, January 11, 2024 at 10:15 AM CDT

Navigating Compliments at Work: How to Be Respectful and Genuine

The Dilemma of Complimenting Female Coworkers

In a recent Reddit post, a user raised a thought-provoking question about complimenting female coworkers. They noticed that a female coworker complimented another coworker's perfume, but hesitated to do the same themselves, fearing it might be deemed inappropriate in a professional setting. This sparked a discussion about whether other men also second-guessed complimenting women they weren't personally acquainted with.

One er shared an amusing anecdote of a male coworker who complimented their perfume in a non-creepy way. He made a lighthearted about smelling like a tropical island and beach vibes. This approach not only broke the ice but also ensured that the compliment was well-received.

To avoid any potential discomfort, the er suggested focusing compliments on the thing being complimented rather than the person themselves. Instead of saying "You smell nice," one could say "That's a nice scent." This subtle shift redirects the attention to the perfume itself, making it less personal and more appropriate in a professional context.

Similarly, when complimenting someone's hair, it is advisable to focus on their hair choices rather than the person themselves. This approach allows for compliments to be given without crossing any boundaries or making anyone feel uncomfortable.

Another er shared a personal experience of receiving a compliment on their scent in a public setting. However, it turned out that the scent was actually their washing detergent. Despite the initial mix-up, they had a pleasant conversation, and the person even offered to buy them breakfast. While they declined the offer, this example highlights that compliments can lead to positive interactions when approached with respect and genuine intentions.

It's not just about what you say, but how you say it. One er emphasized the importance of delivery, advising against creeping up behind someone and whispering a compliment. Instead, they suggested casually mentioning it during a general conversation or while engaging in an activity together. This approach helps create a comfortable and natural environment for compliments to be exchanged.

Lastly, it's crucial to remember that women appreciate being noticed, but it's equally important not to overthink it or come across as a creep. Compliments should be genuine and authentic. When given in a respectful manner, they can boost morale, foster positive relationships, and create a pleasant work atmosphere.

navigating compliments at work requires a delicate balance between being respectful and genuine. By focusing on the thing being complimented, using appropriate delivery, and maintaining authenticity, compliments can be given and received in a professional setting without causing discomfort. Let's strive to create a workplace culture where positive interactions are encouraged, and compliments are seen as a way to uplift and appreciate one another.

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