Most Painful Medical Experiences: Wisdom Teeth Removal, Crohn’s Disease, and More

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Updated Monday, June 17, 2024 at 11:42 AM CDT

Most Painful Medical Experiences: Wisdom Teeth Removal, Crohn’s Disease, and More

Excruciating Wisdom Teeth Removal

Having wisdom teeth removed is a common dental procedure, but for some, it can be an excruciating experience. One individual experienced severe pain after having four wisdom teeth extracted. The situation was particularly dire because three of the teeth had to be broken and cut out of the jaw, leading to the development of dry sockets. Dry sockets occur when the blood clot at the extraction site dissolves or dislodges, exposing underlying bone and nerves, which can cause intense pain.

Immobilized by the pain, the individual could only squirm and cry in agony on the floor until someone else retrieved their pain medication. The pain was so severe that the person genuinely wanted to die, highlighting the extreme discomfort that can follow complex dental extractions.

Agony of Fistula Surgery for Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory b**** disease that can lead to various complications, including fistulas. One person underwent surgery to drain a fistula on their right buttock, a procedure that was followed by an excruciating first dressing change. The gauze, about five inches deep, stuck to the wound and ripped the inside when removed, causing intense pain.

The individual described the pain from the dressing change as feeling like being stabbed in the buttock and having the knife twisted for about five minutes. This vivid description underscores the severe pain that can accompany post-surgical care for Crohn’s disease complications.

Severe Stomach Pain from Food Poisoning

Food poisoning can cause severe stomach pain, as one person discovered after eating hotdogs in high school. The pain was so intense that they were unable to walk for the rest of the day. The individual thought they were going to die and chose to lay in bed rather than seek medical attention, illustrating the debilitating nature of severe food poisoning.

Strep Throat and UPPP Procedure Pain

Strep throat is another painful condition, with one person describing it as an experience they wouldn't wish on their worst enemy. However, some medical procedures can be even more painful. A Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) procedure, which involves tonsil removal and shortening of the uvula and soft palate, is one such example.

The doctor warned that recovery would involve 10/10 pain for at least one to two weeks, even with strong pain medication. Despite having a high pain tolerance, the individual experienced intense pain and discomfort during recovery, often brought to tears. They vividly remembered crying while eating chocolate pudding just to take their medication. Although the pain was severe, in hindsight, the procedure was worth it as it stopped their snoring and made swallowing easier.

Pain of Opioid Withdrawal vs. Back Surgery

The pain associated with quitting opioids can be more intense than physical pain from surgery. One person found getting off pain medication more painful than back surgery, criticizing the belief that quitting smoking is harder than quitting opioids or heroin. They found it shocking that a significant number of people believe quitting smoking is more difficult than quitting heroin.

The individual emphasized the severity and difficulty of opioid withdrawal compared to other forms of addiction cessation, highlighting the intense physical and psychological pain involved in overcoming opioid dependency.

Understanding these painful medical experiences can foster empathy and awareness, helping others recognize the severity of these conditions and the importance of proper medical care and support.

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