Misunderstood Figures: Hades, Tom Nook, and Parental Relationships

Lily Smith

Updated Friday, May 24, 2024 at 5:38 AM CDT

Misunderstood Figures: Hades, Tom Nook, and Parental Relationships

Hades: The Fair Ruler of the Underworld

Lord Hades from Greek mythology is often wrongly portrayed as a villain despite being a fair and loyal ruler of the Underworld. Unlike many gods who indulged in deceit and betrayal, Hades never cheated on his wife, Persephone. His commitment to maintaining a just and orderly domain showcases his dedication to his responsibilities.

Hades was given the Underworld by chance, not by choice, and he worked diligently to maintain it, ensuring it didn't fall into disrepair. Contrary to popular belief, Hades never aspired to be the King of Olympus; he was content with his domain, which included all the riches beneath the earth. This wealth earned him the title of God of Riches, further contradicting his villainous portrayal.

Hades vs. Zeus: A Comparative Analysis

Hades is often confused with the Abrahamic Satan, although he was relatively more benign compared to other Greek gods like Zeus. Zeus, who is usually depicted as a hero, committed numerous acts of sexual assault, making Hades appear more honorable in comparison. This stark contrast in behavior challenges the narrative that paints Hades as the ultimate antagonist.

Modern adaptations of Greek myths often inaccurately depict Hades as the primary antagonist. However, historical texts reveal that he was a great king to his subjects, showing fairness and loyalty. His dedication to preventing the Underworld from falling into shambles further highlights his sense of responsibility.

Tom Nook: The Misunderstood Businessman

Tom Nook from Animal Crossing is often mischaracterized as a villain despite offering zero-interest loans and housing renovations, which are beneficial to players. His portrayal as a greedy capitalist is ironic considering the shady fox character, who sells fake art, is not seen as evil. This misrepresentation overlooks the positive contributions Nook makes to the player's experience.

Tom Nook's business model is designed to help players progress without financial pressure. The zero-interest loans and flexible repayment plans he offers are far from villainous. Instead, they provide a supportive framework that encourages creativity and community building within the game.

The Psychologist in "What About Bob?": A Victim of Misrepresentation

The psychologist in "What About Bob?" is unfairly cast as a villain when he is simply trying to spend time with his family and maintain professional boundaries. The film portrays his attempts to set boundaries as unreasonable, despite it being a healthy and professional stance. This misrepresentation contributes to the stigma against mental health professionals who enforce necessary boundaries.

In the movie, the psychologist is pressured by his wife to allow an unhealthy and unprofessional relationship with his patient, Bob. This pressure undermines the importance of maintaining professional ethics and boundaries, which are crucial for effective therapy and personal well-being.

Societal Bias in Parent-Child Relationships

Society often blames children for estranged relationships with their parents, ignoring potential abuse or harm inflicted by the parents. The responsibility to repair a strained parent-child relationship is unfairly placed on the child, even if the parent is at fault. This societal bias favors parents over children in conflicts, often disregarding the child's perspective or suffering.

The narrative that children owe their parents unconditional loyalty regardless of the parents' actions is a common but flawed belief. This expectation overlooks the importance of the child's well-being and autonomy. Recognizing the child's right to set boundaries and prioritize their mental health is essential for fostering healthier relationships.

Reevaluating Misunderstood Figures

Hades had three children, further humanizing him and challenging his villainous portrayal. Despite being the ruler of the Underworld, he was a great king to his subjects, showing fairness and loyalty. Similarly, Tom Nook's business practices and the psychologist's professional boundaries are often misrepresented, leading to unfair characterizations.

By reevaluating these misunderstood figures, we can gain a more nuanced understanding of their actions and motivations. This reevaluation encourages us to question societal biases and recognize the complexities of human behavior and relationships.

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