Living in a Superpower: The Privileges and Perspectives

Grayson Larkspur

Updated Thursday, January 4, 2024 at 11:51 AM CDT

Living in a Superpower: The Privileges and Perspectives

Everyday Life and the Notion of Being a Superpower

Living in a superpower - a term that raises the question of whether most people in the USA ever think about it. One Reddit user suggests amending the term to "the superpower" instead of "a superpower." They acknowledge that everyday life for most people does not revolve around thinking about being a superpower, as they are more concerned with their day-to-day lives. However, occasionally, people realize the advantages of living in a superpower, such as the security of not being invaded and the relatively comfortable lives even for the poorest individuals.

The Privileges and Quality of Life

Another user points out that being a superpower means enjoying a higher quality of life and more wealth and amenities compared to the majority of people on the planet. They admit that they don't think about it every day but mention that it shapes their understanding of the world and their place in it, especially when traveling abroad or discussing world events. While these statements are not universal, they often hold true for many individuals.

Gratitude and the Immigrant Perspective

A user who was born in India but moved to the US at a young age expresses gratitude for growing up in a place where the entire world caters to them. They acknowledge that the US became a superpower through military victories and often at the expense of others, but they are aware that their life is better on paper compared to billions of other people. The user hopes that the US can improve its own problems while recognizing the immense opportunity for economic advancement they have experienced as an immigrant.

The Changing Perception of a Superpower

Another user reflects on the perception of the US as a superpower during their childhood in the 90s, with claims of being the richest, most productive, and best-educated country. However, as they grew older, they observed various challenges and crises, such as financial downturns, wars, government debt, and polarization in politics. The user questions whether the US is still what it used to be and suggests that another country may someday compete with it, as the USSR did.

The Gift of Being Born in a Superpower

One user describes being born in the US as the most amazing gift they have ever received. They express gratitude for the opportunities available in the country, such as education, job prospects, and personal choices. Despite the problems in the US, they find reassurance in the country's status as a superpower, offering safety from government persecution and foreign aggressions. The user recognizes the flaws but expresses a strong attachment to the US and a lack of desire to be anywhere else.

Challenges and Appreciation

The user mentions the historical context of American exceptionalism during the 90s and the subsequent challenges faced in recent years. They highlight issues such as financial crises, wars, political polarization, and current crises like the opioid epidemic and housing crisis. Despite these challenges, the user still appreciates the privileges they have as an American and their overall satisfaction with being born in the US.

living in a superpower may not be at the forefront of most people's minds in their day-to-day lives. However, the advantages and privileges that come with being a citizen of a superpower, such as security, higher quality of life, and opportunities, are acknowledged by many. While there are challenges and criticisms, the overall sentiment expressed by these Reddit users is one of gratitude and attachment to the US as a superpower.

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