Kanye West's Controversial School: A Closer Look at the Shocking Details

Oliver Brown

Updated Friday, April 5, 2024 at 9:58 AM CDT

Kanye West's Controversial School: A Closer Look at the Shocking Details

Antisemitism and Hatred: Kanye West's Troubling Statements

Kanye West's school has recently gained attention not only for its affiliation with the controversial artist but also for his incessant statements of antisemitism and hatred of black people. These troubling remarks have raised concerns about the environment and values being promoted within the institution.

Students at the school are reportedly only allowed to eat sushi and are not allowed to bring their own food. This strict dietary restriction raises questions about the nutritional balance and diversity of meals provided to the students. It also suggests a lack of consideration for individual dietary needs and preferences.

Another shocking detail is that the only colors allowed at the school are black and grey. This limited color palette may stifle creativity and self-expression among the students. It also raises concerns about the school's commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive learning environment.

In a surprising twist, there are no chairs or tables in the classrooms. This suggests that students are expected to stand throughout the day, which can be physically exhausting and hinder concentration. It also raises questions about the school's commitment to providing adequate resources for effective teaching and learning.

Furthermore, it has been reported that the school has no glass in the windows or skylights. This lack of natural light and ventilation can have a negative impact on the students' well-being and overall learning experience. It also raises concerns about the safety and security of the school premises.

Interestingly, classes are only held on the ground floor due to Kanye West's alleged fear of stairs. While this may seem like a trivial detail, it raises questions about the school's accessibility and inclusivity for students with mobility challenges. It also suggests a lack of consideration for practicality and convenience in the school's design.

One of the most puzzling aspects of the school is the absence of janitors. This leaves uncertainty about who is responsible for cleaning and maintenance. The lack of janitorial staff raises concerns about hygiene and cleanliness, especially considering the high expectations Kanye West may have for his own personal spaces.

Adding to the confusion, the school lacks trash cans, leaving uncertainty about how waste is managed. This raises questions about the school's commitment to environmental sustainability and proper waste disposal practices. It also suggests a lack of basic amenities that are essential for a functional educational institution.

In discussions about the school, an er raises the question of who is responsible for cleaning the school, especially considering the high expectations Kanye West may have for cleanliness. A former teacher with a master's degree expresses surprise at the lack of janitorial staff and wonders who would be responsible for tasks like mopping and taking out the trash.

The er also expresses disbelief at the idea of sending children to a Kanye West school, stating that they would pay not to send their child there. This sentiment highlights the skepticism and concerns surrounding the quality of education and overall environment at the school.

The absence of chairs and tables in the classrooms raises further concerns about how students engage in activities like writing and suggests a lack of proper educational resources. In fact, one er compares the education at Kanye West's school to that of schools in Appalachia in 1945, suggesting that the latter would offer a better education.

Another er questions the decision of parents who send their children to Catholic schools despite the clear evidence of child sexual assault. This raises broader questions about the reasoning behind parents' choices when it comes to their children's education.

The er also questions why people with little education and no training in teaching choose to homeschool their children. This highlights the belief that many people who have children are not equipped to raise them, and it raises concerns about the quality of education provided in alternative schooling options.

The shocking details surrounding Kanye West's school have sparked disbelief and confusion among many. The lack of basic amenities, the questionable values promoted, and the concerns about cleanliness and maintenance all contribute to a sense of pity for the children attending the school. The decisions made by parents to send their children there are being scrutinized, and the overall quality of education provided is being called into question.

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