How to Properly Dry After Using a Bidet: Global Practices and Tips

Abigail Lee

Updated Sunday, June 30, 2024 at 10:12 AM CDT

How to Properly Dry After Using a Bidet: Global Practices and Tips

Understanding Bidet Drying Practices

Bidet use is a common practice in many parts of the world, but the methods for drying afterward can vary significantly. In Italy, for example, bidets are often accompanied by a towel rack or bar above them, and specific smaller towels are used exclusively for drying. Each family member ideally has their own designated towel for this purpose, ensuring personal hygiene and comfort.

The typical process in Italy involves using toilet paper first, then washing with warm water and soap, and finally patting dry with a towel. This multi-step approach ensures cleanliness and minimizes moisture, making the bidet experience both practical and hygienic.

Regional Variations in Bidet Drying

In Europe, it is common for people to use normal towels to dry themselves after using a bidet. The concentrated water spray from a bidet usually means there is not much area that needs drying, making the process quick and efficient. Some people simply use a few squares of toilet paper to dab themselves dry, further simplifying the routine.

In contrast, hose bidets are common in Nepal and typically do not have a designated drying method. Users often air dry or bring their own tissues. This method can be practical in hot and humid conditions where the moisture from a bidet may be less noticeable as sweat can quickly make one feel wet again.

Advanced Bidet Features

Certain expensive Japanese washlets come equipped with built-in air dryers to dry users after washing. These advanced features provide a hands-free drying experience, adding to the convenience and luxury of bidet use. Smart toilets available at Home Depot can include features like a warming seat, automatic lid opening, cleansing water spray, and blow drying. These smart toilets can be programmed for various functions and cost around $1200, offering a high-tech solution to bidet drying.

American Perceptions and Practices

In the U.S., bidet use is less common, and there are often concerns about remaining wet after use. This has led to questions about the practicality and health implications of bidets. The use of bidets in movies and television has influenced American perceptions, sparking curiosity about their functionality and benefits.

Some Americans feel the need to understand the complete process of using a bidet to feel comfortable adopting it into their routine. This includes familiarizing themselves with the steps of wiping, washing, and drying, which can vary based on regional practices.

Cultural Gaps and Hygiene

The cultural gap regarding bidet use and drying methods is significant between different regions, such as the U.S. and Europe. The idea of air drying after using a bidet can be practical in certain climates but less so in others. The availability of advanced bidet features, such as air drying, is more common in high-end models, making them a luxury rather than a standard feature.

The use of specific towels for bidet drying is a practice that helps maintain hygiene and personal comfort in some cultures. Certain types of underwear also handle residual moisture from bidet use better than others, contributing to overall comfort and hygiene.

Final Thoughts on Bidet Drying

Understanding the various methods and cultural practices surrounding bidet drying can help individuals make informed choices about their personal hygiene routines. Whether using a simple towel, advanced air-drying features, or adapting to regional practices, the goal remains the same: achieving cleanliness and comfort. As bidet use becomes more widespread, the conversation around drying methods will continue to evolve, offering new insights and solutions for users worldwide.

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