Sean Strick*d Challenges Helen Yee to a Swimming Duel with Silly Banter

Mia Nightshade

Updated Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In an entertaining twist during UFC X for International Fight Week in Las Vegas, Sean Strick***d and Helen Yee engaged in a lively discussion about an unexpected challenge—swimming. Known for his unfiltered and often humorous remarks, Strick***d did not disappoint.

During their conversation, Strick***d recalled a previous Instagram exchange where he challenged Yee to a swimming race. With his signature bravado, Strick***d confidently declared, "You're a woman, dude. How about I give you a head start—5 seconds. I'll race you whenever you want." His playful banter continued as he teased Yee about her swimming skills, adding, "You're racing a man this time. You're so used to these little women racing; they probably can't even swim."

The conversation took a humorous turn when Strick***d mentioned the absence of sharks in the water and speculated about Yee's swimming abilities. "Thank God there's no sharks in the water," he quipped, before jesting about getting regulatory approval for the race. "We've got to get you saw up in this motherf—, dude. But I will get you solder proof for you. We'll race."

Strick***d's lighthearted approach didn't stop there. He made a surprising promise, saying, "I'm going to wear this c*****... I don't say that often, but today we're doing it." His offbeat humor left everyone laughing and eagerly anticipating the forthcoming swim-off.

Helen Yee, a seasoned sports journalist known for her engaging interviews, took Strick***d's banter in stride, making for an enjoyable and memorable interaction.

For those interested in more of Sean Strick***d's unfiltered moments and the full context of this amusing challenge, check out the video on Helen Yee Sports' YouTube channel. Don't miss out on the fun!

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