Sam Riegel's Triumphant Return: Overcoming Cancer and Sharing an Important Message

Grayson Larkspur

Updated Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Sam Riegel, beloved voice actor from Critical Role, has made a triumphant return with an important message for his fans. After a noticeable absence, Sam revealed that he has been battling a medical issue. The good news? Sam is now recovering from cancer.

In a heartfelt video, Sam shared his journey, starting with the loss of his sense of taste earlier this year. Despite testing negative for COVID-19, Sam's doctor recommended seeing an otolaryngologist, Dr. Jill Ma**a. This led to the diagnosis of oropharyngeal carcinoma, a type of tonsil cancer.

Sam underwent surgery at USC Keck Medical Center, where Dr. Uttam Sinha performed a complex procedure to remove the cancerous tissues. The surgery left Sam with a 7-inch scar and required a hospital stay of four days. Despite the challenges of relearning to speak and swallow, Sam's determination never wavered.

To ensure the cancer did not spread, Sam endured six weeks of radiation treatments under the care of Dr. Adam Garsa. This phase was grueling, causing significant weight loss, loss of taste, and radiation burns. Yet, Sam's resilience shone through.

Sam's story serves as a crucial warning about the preventable nature of his cancer, which was related to the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). He emphasized the importance of awareness and preventive measures to combat this widespread virus.

Gratitude was a recurring theme in Sam's message. He expressed heartfelt thanks to USC Keck Medical Center, his dedicated care team, and his fans for their patience, understanding, and respect for his privacy during this challenging time.

For those seeking more information on cancer-related resources, Sam recommended visiting

Watch Sam Riegel's inspiring video to hear his full story and learn more about his journey to recovery.

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