Shocking Footage Reveals Why Key Bridge Collapsed Easily

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Wednesday, March 27, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a startling turn of events, Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed overnight, leaving experts baffled as to why such a catastrophic failure occurred. The steel truss bridge, which had three center spans supported by piers, succumbed to the impact of a ship strike, prompting a state of emergency and a search-and-rescue operation.

Engineering experts, who closely examined the incident, raised concerns about the proximity of the bridge piers to the shipping channel. They questioned why the piers were built so close, lacking the necessary reinforcement to withstand such impactful force. Shockingly, experts revealed that the addition of bumpers could have potentially prevented or reduced the impact on the bridge.

During virtual discussions with bridge experts from prestigious institutions like Johns Hopkins and Drexel University, it was established that the bridge's collapse was a result of a chain reaction caused by the removal of the support from two damaged spans. The continuity of the bridge played a significant role in the collapse, as the load-sharing mechanism among the three spans failed when two of them were destroyed. The experts emphasized that the presence of bumpers would have mitigated the direct impact on the piers, potentially preventing the bridge from collapsing so effortlessly.

Governor Moore confirmed that the Key Bridge had been inspected in May 2021 and was deemed to be in fair condition, fully compliant with existing codes. However, the shocking collapse raises questions about the adequacy of the bridge's design and the potential need for additional safety measures.

Watch the video to witness the astonishing footage and gain deeper insights from the experts as they dissect this engineering failure. Discover the shocking truth behind the collapse and join the ongoing conversation about the importance of robust infrastructure.

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