Appa's Comical Encounter with a Drag Queen Leaves Him Speechless

Mason Riverwind

Updated Sunday, March 24, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent episode of the hit show Kim's Convenience, titled "Appa meets a drag queen," the lovable character Appa finds himself in a comical and unexpected situation. While shopping at the store, he stumbles upon a drag queen who is browsing the aisles.

Confusion ensues as Appa tries to understand what he's witnessing. "I can't find the price on this," he asks, to which the drag queen responds with a smile, "Regular $4.99, but this week we have a discount only for...the uh, what you eat come again?" Appa, struggling to comprehend, stumbles over his words, "You e...uh, what kind uh...transgender?"

Amidst the laughter from the audience, the drag queen gracefully explains, "I'm a drag queen. Oh, you mean a man who dresses like a girl?" Appa, still bewildered, responds with a mix of curiosity and innocence, "Why do you do this?" The drag queen simply shrugs and replies, "Feels like home. It always has." And just like that, Appa is left in awe, unable to comprehend the world of drag.

This touching and humorous encounter showcases the show's ability to tackle important social issues with a touch of comedy. It highlights the beauty of diversity and acceptance in a light-hearted manner, leaving viewers with a smile on their faces.

Kim's Convenience, a popular Canadian sitcom, has gained a loyal fan base worldwide. It revolves around the lives of the Korean-Canadian Kim family, who run a convenience store in Toronto. The show's relatable characters and witty dialogue have resonated with audiences, making it a must-watch.

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