Shocking One-Star Drive-Thru Reviews Put to the Ultimate Test

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Sunday, March 17, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

When it comes to drive-thrus, we all know that one-star reviews can be quite outrageous. But what happens when you take those reviews from all over the United States? You get a video that will leave you in disbelief. In a recent YouTube video, popular content creator Ryan Trahan decided to test the most concerning one-star drive-thru reviews in America, and the results were mind-boggling.

The adventure begins in Albuquerque, New Mexico, home to Blakes Lurger, a fast-food chain with a notorious reputation. One particular review caught Ryan's attention, and it involved a man named Lor who had some strong feelings about the restaurant. Lor's review, although profane, expressed his disappointment in the food and labeled the staff as greedy. Intrigued by this bold statement, Ryan geared up for his own experience at Blakes Lurger.

But it wasn't just Lor who had negative things to say about this drive-thru. Janet, another dissatisfied customer, claimed that the burger she received was raw and that the employees would scream at you if you tried to pay with coins. With these claims in mind, Ryan decides to put them to the test. Armed with a pocket full of coins, he heads to the drive-thru, ready to challenge the staff's patience.

The green chili burger also seemed to be a significant cause for concern among these one-star reviews. Customers complained about its lack of flavor and excessive spiciness. Eager to see if these claims held any truth, Ryan ventures into the drive-thru armed with an appetite for adventure.

But the most unhinged review of them all came from a person named PC. PC claimed to have requested crispy bacon on a breakfast burrito, only to receive a snarky response from the cashier. This incident left Ryan curious about what exactly transpired during this interaction. Could it be that the staff had a secret vendetta against crispy bacon lovers?

With each drive-thru visit, Ryan follows one rule - he has to leave a five-star review, no matter the experience. This rule ensures that his reviews remain unbiased and genuine. It also adds a thrilling element to the video, as he navigates his way through these seemingly disastrous drive-thrus.

If you're curious to see how Ryan's drive-thru experiment unfolds and whether his positive reviews align with the initial one-star ratings, be sure to check out his video on YouTube. Prepare to be shocked, entertained, and maybe even craving some drive-thru food yourself. Watch as Ryan takes on the challenge of putting these one-star drive-thru reviews to the ultimate test.

Remember, sometimes the truth behind those one-star reviews might surprise you, and Ryan's adventure is a testament to that. So buckle up and get ready for an eye-opening experience as he ventures into the world of one-star drive-thrus.

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