Kylie Kelce Opens Up About Husband Jason Kelce's Retirement and NFL Legacy

Avery Emberly

Updated Thursday, March 7, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In an exclusive interview, Kylie Kelce, the wife of NFL star Jason Kelce, shares her thoughts on her husband's emotional retirement speech and his remarkable 13-year career with the Philadelphia Eagles. From family to football, Kylie reveals the behind-the-scenes moments that shaped Jason's journey on and off the field.

During the interview, Kylie reminisces about being the only one who had heard Jason's retirement speech before he delivered it. Sitting in the front row, she describes it as a perfect summary of his 13 years in the NFL. The speech was filled with emotion, gratitude, and a deep expression of love towards Kylie, whom Jason first met after an Eagles Christmas party.

Kylie fondly recalls the moment she walked through the door, leaving a lasting impression on Jason. As he shared his memories, Kylie couldn't help but chuckle at his attempt to recount the details of that night, considering he was a bit intoxicated. Despite the humorous start, Jason's love and admiration for Kylie shine through.

The retirement speech now joins his iconic Art Museum Super Bowl parade speech as a defining moment in Jason's career. Kylie reveals that he had been working on it for years, refining it with each passing season. The speech was a heartfelt representation of Jason's dedication to the sport and his gratitude towards the city of Philadelphia.

As the interview concludes, Kylie expresses her gratitude for being by Jason's side throughout his NFL journey. She acknowledges the overwhelming response the retirement speech has garnered, showcasing the impact Jason has had on fans and the football community.

To hear more about Jason Kelce's retirement, his NFL legacy, and Kylie's perspective on their journey together, be sure to watch the exclusive interview. Join Kylie as she shares intimate details about their relationship and the emotions behind Jason's iconic farewell speech.

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