March 17, 2023

The Mandalorian Episode 3 BREAKDOWN PLAGUEIS! THRAWN! S3

Nice to see Coruscant again.
Felt the ep dragged on too long with Pershing
Mando and Bo Katan are fun, Bo has ulterior motives to control the Mythosaur and rule Mandalore.

At pershing’s day job he tires to salvage some files from the empire that come across his desk, but he’s told to not do that and discard it. He thinks it’s ridiculous as the information can really help the new republic, but they simply refuse to do so. He’s getting angry at the new republic and beginning to resent them for sure. He grabs an imperial biscuit and we jump to him being questioned again by the robot with the same mundane questions. At the question of whether or not is he feeling resentment towards the new republic or not, he pauses, looks down, and rubs his ear. The same ear he rubbed when talking to the people in the opera chambers that he didn’t mean to do anything bad when working at the empire. The robot repeats itself, and he says no. Heading to G68 he says let’s continue the cloning work, and asks for her help to get the lab equipment. Immediately the plagueis theme plays and this is probably the biggest part of the episode for me, because it implies the ominous tone of palpatine telling anakin about plagueis in the opera. Does this mean they’ll bring plagueis back in star wars? Does this mean that it’s just a cool theme that’s supposed to make us think of betrayal and deceit? I guess we’ll find out.
they head to the train station and get to the scrapyards where the imperial star destroyers are held. This takes about 7 minutes of hopping trams to avoid ticket droid guards. Arriving at the junkyard…That’s where she’s taking him, to collect supplies from the ship, they enter and she introduces herself as Elia, and he as Dr Penn Pershing. Pershing gets to the imperial lab, grabbing what he needs, they hear a noise and vacate, only to be stopped by new republic police, where she grabs the case he just took from the ship for their mission, and gets him arrested. She set him up, framed him, and next we see him with some Mon Calamaris as he screams to them it was a trap, harkening to of course, admiral ackbar’s infamous line in return of the jedi. They set Pershing up to a mind flayer machine and the mon cala operator says it’s low voltage and not like a mind flayer, infact it’s used to heal, he says. Elia waits until the crew leaves as they turn the mind flayer on, and she cranks it up high, which erases his mind and memory.

Finally getting back to Mando, they head to the armorer and the children of the watch where they’re hiding. Din tells Bo Katan to keep her helmet on as things will go smoother this way, since the clans have different beliefs. As they land, we see Paz Vizsla, who wanted to rule mandalore as he fought mando for it in the book of boba fett, losing, seems to be teeming with anger as he sees him land and bo katan with him. The history between Bo Katan and Pre Vizsla can be summed up like this. Bo and Pre Vizsla worked together under Death Watch, who believed that New Mandalorians

lost their way of violence and conquering which was the way of the older mandalorians, so they waged civil war, until Bo felt he was a bit too crazy and left his group, rebelling against him. Paz Vizsla probalby sees her as a traitor and hates her.
The are approached by all the mandos there and Paz leads, telling them to leave as Din is no longer worthy of the mandalorian creed. He informs Paz Vizsla that he’s bathed in the living waters beneath the mines, as no one believes him. Bo Katan speaks up and says she was witness. And who are you, nite owl, says paz. Nite owls are just a faction of mandalorians led by bo katan after she left pre vizsla for his extremist ideologies. She announces who she is and he tells her that she’s lost her way, and both need to leave as they are apostates. Mando shows proof, so they send him up to the armorer, their leader, as she examines the vial of water sampled from the mines, and confirms indeed he has bathed in the waters, he is once again a mandalorian.
She says she too has joined the children of the watch since she bathed in the waters and hasn’t removed her helmet. I find it intersting the armorer knew right away that it was Bo Katan, this is very telling…that maybe the armorer knows who Bo is personally. Maybe the armorer, with her spikes on her head, or rather horns, was a member of the mauldalorians when darth maul ruled mandalore. I think she might be Rook Kast, who was loyal to Maul after he defeated her former leader, pre vizsla and organized the mandalorians against Ahsoka during the siege of Mandalore. That’d be wild since Bo and Ahsoka are friends and allies, and Rook Kast and Bo Katan are not. We’ll see who the armorer really is one day…

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