October 23, 2021

unorganized minecraft thoughts

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It's a video that is wildly unorganized random thoughts about minecraft. I was kind of random about these minecraft thoughts but that is a okay in my opinion. I don't have a boss! You can't fire me!
I maybe should have had more structure in here but I think I made some solid enough jokes where it can stand up on its own though :) sold out pretty hard this video though lol going to take a sponsorship break after this for a little while. I feel like you guys earned it.
There's a part in the video where I screen cap the suggested page and trending page and there's like TommyInnit and Jschlatt and JaidenAnimations in there so I guess you can see what the youtube algorithm wants me to watch. Very Pochamp.
Minecraft is the game I have played most and I love it so this video was more or less self indulgent for me. I hope it makes you laugh at least once.
I made a highschool presentation about minecraft and I got a good grade but probably only because the teacher felt sorry for me.
I love the cozy minecraft rain and listening to it inside my house. It is so comfortable.
The Allay is the new minecraft mob that won minecraft live vote! I voted for the Allay because he is more helpful even though the copper golem was really cute.

thank you for watching ??

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