Shocking Live On-Air Interruption: David Horowitz Confronted by Armed Man

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Friday, July 5, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In an unprecedented live broadcast interruption on NBC's Channel 4 News, reporter David Horowitz faced a startling encounter. During a routine news segment, an unidentified man unexpectedly walked into the studio, armed and holding a set of papers. In a dramatic twist, the man handed the papers to David and insisted he read them on-air.

David, maintaining his composure, initially questioned the man, asking for his name and origin. "Pardon me? What is this? Let me see what it says. Alright. Alright, well let me read this. Folks, we have someone on the set who's standing here and would like me to read this copy which was just handed to me. You want to tell me your name or not? What is it? And Gary, where are you from?" he said, before the broadcast was abruptly taken off the air and replaced with a still screen.

The incident, witnessed by thousands of live viewers, led to an immediate surge of calls to the police. In the studio, monitors indicated the broadcast had ceased, but reporters attempted to convince the man they were still live, prompting him to allow David to continue reading.

This unsettling event has sparked widespread curiosity and concern, leaving viewers eager for more details. Catch the full video and uncover the mystery behind this shocking interruption. Don't miss out on this viral moment that has everyone talking.

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