Discover the Ultimate Memory Keeper: Dad's Affecting Gift Unveiled by Justin Flom

Mason Riverwind

Updated Friday, July 5, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a touching and nostalgic video, famous magician Justin Flom presents a unique and affecting concept that every parent will find inspiring. The video, titled "Dad gives perfect memory keeper!", showcases a father's creative way to track and cherish his child's growth over the years.

The video opens with a delightful scene where the dad prompts his child to run backwards, symbolically traveling through time. With each step, the child is reminded of different ages, starting from the present all the way back to birth. The dad narrates, "Here we go, run backwards, go, backwards. How old are you now? Born, yeah, right there." This visual journey highlights the child's height at various ages, capturing those fleeting moments in a tangible way.

One of the most touching parts is when the dad points out, "But we go all the way back to the beginning where you were born. This is how tall you were when you were born. There's age two, age three, age four." Each milestone is marked with a heartfelt recollection, creating a beautiful memory lane for both father and child.

Justin Flom's video is not just about measuring growth; it's about preserving memories in a creative and meaningful way. This perfect memory keeper idea is a testament to the special bond between a parent and child and serves as an excellent inspiration for other parents looking to commemorate their children's milestones.

To witness this beautiful memory-keeping idea in action, watch the full video by Justin Flom.

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