Stunning Snowflake Nails: A Festive Nail Art Trend by @Zulaysnails

Mason Riverwind

Updated Sunday, December 10, 2023 at 12:00 AM CDT

Are you ready to elevate your nail game this holiday season? Look no further than the mesmerizing snowflake nails created by the talented @Zulaysnails. In a recent TikTok video, popular influencer Lovelymimi showcased her latest nail art session with @Zulaysnails, leaving us in awe of the intricate designs and stunning results.

The video begins with Lovelymimi expressing her admiration for @Zulaysnails' beautiful nails, featuring a charming Christmas gnome and a vibrant emerald green shade. The conversation takes an unexpected turn as Lovelymimi shares her plans to move away from California due to high taxes, leaving her beloved nail artist behind.

But before bidding farewell, Lovelymimi and @Zulaysnails decided to create a nail design that captures the essence of the holiday season without being overly Christmas-themed. The chosen theme? Snowflakes! As Lovelymimi humorously sings "Let it go, let it go," we witness @Zulaysnails expertly encapsulating delicate snowflakes onto Lovelymimi's nails.

Throughout the video, Lovelymimi's infectious humor shines as she shares anecdotes about her fortune cookie experiences and the upcoming Chinese zodiac year of the dragon. Her engaging storytelling keeps viewers entertained and eager to hear more.

As Lovelymimi contemplates her future move, she mentions three states in America that do not have state taxes: Florida, Texas, and Nevada. The suspense builds as she playfully teases her audience, promising to reveal her chosen destination in a future video.

With her trademark candor, Lovelymimi discusses the pros and cons of each state, highlighting the allure of Florida's beauty, the spacious homes in Texas, and the vibrant atmosphere of Las Vegas in Nevada. Her witty commentary adds a lighthearted touch to the decision-making process.

Curious to know where Lovelymimi will eventually settle? Watch the full TikTok video to find out! Don't miss the chance to witness the incredible snowflake nails created by @Zulaysnails, and perhaps gain some inspiration for your own festive nail art this season.

Remember to visit @Zulaysnails' page and explore her range of high-quality nail products. Support this talented nail artist and discover the magic of snowflake nails for yourself. Happy nail art adventures!

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