Witty Comic Strip Explores Divine Intervention: "Original God" Takes Over

Harper Quill

Updated Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent Reddit post that has garnered significant attention, a six-panel comic strip offers a humorous take on divine intervention and prayer. The comic, originating from smbc-comics.com, portrays a man's desperate plea to Jesus for help with his relationship, only to receive an unexpected response from the "Original God."

**Panel 1:**

The scene begins with a man sitting on his bed, hands clasped in prayer, saying, "Dear Jesus, I’m having trouble communicating with my girlfriend." Overhead, a divine voice responds, "Hey, Jesus is out washing l****'s feet, this is Original God and I am on the case."

**Panel 2:**

The man, now worried, raises his hand and quickly backtracks, "Oh no no I'm good actually my girlfriend is perfect." The divine voice retorts, "For her perfidy I have blotted out the sky over Sharon's apartment!"

**Panel 3:**

The man looks up, panic-stricken by the unfolding situation.

**Panel 4:**

In desperation, he yells, "STOP!" Yet the divine voice continues, "She has been turned into salt and the salt is scattered over the land and there is great lamenting among her roommates!"

**Panel 5:**

The man, now in anguish, screams, "NOOOOOO."

**Panel 6:**

In the final panel, the man, appearing small and distraught, remains on the bed. The divine voice offers a peculiar consolation, "It’s okay, you get a new woman, four kids, and a goat."

The comic ends with a small text at the bottom right corner reading "smbc-comics.com."

The post has elicited a variety of reactions from Reddit users. One user humorously commented, "I was gone for five minutes, Dad! ME!" Another user, amused by the divine response, remarked, "i am ON THE CASE" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ knew right then that it wouldn't end well πŸ˜„. The comic also sparked debates about the portrayal of divine figures, with one user noting, "Original God is blasphemy but also really funny."

The comic's reference to "Original God" versus "Jesus God" has also led to some interesting discussions. One comment compared the two, stating, "Getting your prayer answered by Jesus God: πŸ˜ƒ Getting your prayer answered by *original* God: 😨." Another user highlighted the Old Testament's fearsome reputation, "Ngl, Old Testament God is terrifying if you think about it."

The comic has even drawn comparisons to the work of Brad Neely, with one user stating, "Witty. And reminded me of Brad Neely, which is also great." Overall, the comic's blend of humor and religious reference has made it a standout piece, resonating with many for its unexpected twists and witty dialogue.

For those interested in a dose of irreverent humor and a fresh take on divine intervention, this comic strip offers a perfect read. Don't miss out on the hilarity and join the conversation on Reddit to share your thoughts!

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Top Comments from Reddit


"i am ON THE CASE" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ knew right then that it wouldn't end well πŸ˜„


I was gone for five minutes, Dad! ME!


Getting your prayer answered by Jesus God: πŸ˜ƒ Getting your prayer answered by *original* God: 😨


... Well, hold on there. 4 kids a new woman AND a goat?


I thought it was just this one comic that was edgy but dear God was I wrong.


Okay, but how do I press the red button when your comic shows up here?


"Original God" is blasphemy but also really funny


Dude is up four kids AND a goat and is complaining. I don't get you religious types


Ngl, Old Testament God is terrifying if you think about it.


Lol, what? (I get the joke. The goat was unexpected though.)

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