Whimsical Gym Pic: Dad Takes “Take it Easy” to a Whole New Level for 12yo’s First Workout

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A recent viral image from Reddit has captured the internet’s attention, sparking a mix of laughter and debate over gym etiquette and parenting. The image, titled "Wife asked me to ‘take it easy’ on my 12yo for his first time at the gym. So I sent her this pic," has become a hit for its humorous take on a father-son gym session.

In the image, a young boy, presumably 12 years old, is shown lying on a bench, ready to perform a bench press exercise. He's sporting a red shirt, gray shorts, and gray shoes, gripping the barbell which is loaded with several weight plates on each side. The scene is set in a well-equipped gym with a black floor and red and white walls, filled with various workout apparatus and other gym-goers in the background.

Standing behind the bench is the boy’s father, acting as a spotter and providing support and encouragement. The dad, dressed in a black T-shirt featuring the iconic rapper Tupac Shakur and yellow shorts, has his hands extended toward the barbell, ready to assist if needed. The father’s hairstyle, often referred to as the "Edgar cut," has become a focal point of humor in the Reddit comments.

One user commented, "The real joke here is that haircut," while another added, "Funniest thing in that pic is the dude’s haircut." The father’s haircut has drawn comparisons to a lawnmower accident, with one commenter humorously noting, "OP had a fight with a lawnmower and lost."

While the image and its context have elicited a variety of reactions, ranging from critiques of parenting to hairstyle roasts, the most notable comments include:

- "This is such irresponsible parenting..."

- "Tell him to widen his grip."

- "Genuine question - isn’t it bad for kids to workout?"

- "Send him to boxing, tennis, football, hockey, dancing etc. instead. That could help a child develop a lot apart from muscles."

The father’s humorous approach to his son’s first gym session has not gone unnoticed. One user quipped, "Tupac is on your shirt praying for that haircut," while another suggested, "Next time, have him lifting just the bar, then send it to r/photoshoprequests to pile on a ridiculous amount of weight!"

Amidst the laughter and jokes, there are also genuine pieces of advice being shared. One comment said, "Perfect opportunity to have a couple of dudes stand around and clap," highlighting the importance of encouragement and support in a gym environment. Another user humorously suggested, "You're on the right track, now tell him 'go get a job and get out of this house!'"

The image and its accompanying comments have sparked a broader discussion about gym culture, parenting, and the ever-controversial Edgar haircut. Whether seen as a lighthearted moment between a father and son or a topic for serious debate, this viral image has certainly made an impact.

For more entertaining stories and discussions, be sure to check out the full thread on Reddit and join the conversation!

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Top Comments from Reddit


This is such irresponsible parenting... ...Tell him to widen his grip


What's on the father's head?


Does she regret your hair?


OP had a fight with a lawnmower and lost.


The real joke here is that haircut.


Funniest thing in that pic is the dude’s haircut


Haha… the kid with the edgar cut my 14yo son!!! Lol, people think Id go out in public with that haircut


You're on the right track, now tell him "go get a job and get out of this house!" (we grew up fast in my home, sorry)\_


Send him to boxing, tennis, football, hockey, dancing etc. instead. That could help a child develop a lot apart from muscles.


OP an Edgar, the kid never had a chance lol

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