The Witty Ketchup on Shawarma Waiver at Shelby’s Legendary Shawarma

Zoey Waverider

Updated Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Shelby's Legendary Shawarma has taken a bold and humorous stance against a culinary faux pas that has divided food enthusiasts worldwide: putting ketchup on shawarma. The image of a printed receipt circulating on Reddit has garnered attention for its witty "Ketchup On Shawarma Waiver of Liability," sparking a lively discussion among users.

At the top of the receipt, Shelby’s proudly showcases their logo, setting the stage for what is to come. The large, bold number "468" catches the eye immediately, but it's the disclaimer that steals the show. In bold letters, it humorously warns: "KETCHUP ON SHAWARMA WAIVER OF LIABILITY *EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK* LAST WARNING: MY FRIEND, DON’T RUIN ZA CULTURE!"

The block of text following this disclaimer elaborates on the potential risks of consuming ketchup on shawarma. The waiver states that eating ketchup on Shelby's Shawarma may cause harm, including bodily injury, property damage, emotional distress, and in rare instances, death. It also humorously indemnifies and releases Shelby’s Canada from any responsibility for the consequences of such a culinary decision, whether the order is for dine-in or takeout.

The receipt includes fields for signature and date, adding an extra layer of comedic authenticity to the waiver. At the bottom, a lighthearted message reads: "We hope this put a smile on your face*," ensuring that customers understand the jest behind the stern warning.

Reddit users have had a field day with this receipt. One user commented, "You think it's funny until you take the first bite and the chefs storm out of the kitchen armed with various kitchen weapons." Another added, "Abbassss! Check the cameras for any ketchup users!" The humor continued with comments like, "But can I get a bepsi?" and "Don't forget the bepsi or the fresh froies... shout out to the Belgians. Remember, if it's not tight it's not right!"

Reactions ranged from disbelief to amusement. One user questioned, "What? Who puts ketchup on shawarma? That’s kind of super-gross," while another declared, "As a Chicagoan I wholeheartedly approve." The sentiment of preserving culinary traditions was echoed by several users, with one stating, "This is beyond Haram!" and another warning, "Abbas will get you!! Protect za culture!"

Interestingly, one thoughtful comment highlighted the apparent double standard in culinary traditions: "It's interesting to see such a strong stance against putting ketchup on shawarma in the name of preserving cultural authenticity, especially when the same place sells pizzas with pineapple—a topping that many argue is a violation of Italian culinary tradition. This seems like a double standard."

Shelby's Legendary Shawarma has successfully used humor to engage their customers and create a memorable experience. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the practice of putting ketchup on shawarma, the receipt has certainly sparked a conversation and put a smile on many faces. So next time when ordering, remember the waiver and think twice before reaching for that bottle of ketchup!

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You think it's funny until you take the first bite and the chefs storm out of the kitchen armed with various kitchen weapons.


What? Who puts ketchup on shawarma? That’s kind of super-gross.


But can I get a bepsi?


Don't forget the bepsi or the fresh froies..,..shout out to the Belgians. Remember, if it's not tight it's not right!


If I ordered ketchup for my fries and they came out with this, that ketchup would go on my shawarma immediately, no matter how it tasted.


mmmm now I want some f***in shawarma


This is the funniest thing I've read today! 😆 I cannot comprehend why someone would want ketchup on shawarma, but this is an outstanding condemnation LOL


Abbassss! Check the cameras for any ketchup users!


As a Chicagoan I wholeheartedly approve



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