The Humorous Kombucha Label That Has Reddit in Stitches

Harper Quill

Updated Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

An image of a Kombucha box has recently sparked a wave of laughter and curiosity on Reddit, with its eye-catching label and amusing text. This bright orange and yellow box features a product label that has left many Reddit users both amused and intrigued.

The box's top half is predominantly orange while the bottom half is yellow with green accents, making it visually appealing. Near the center, the brand logo, a circle with the letters "H&B" inside and surrounded by illustrations of leaves or petals, grabs immediate attention. Directly below the logo, in bold white text, it reads:






This "WITH BENEFITS" phrase has become the center of jokes and discussions among Reddit users. One user humorously commented, "You’re thinking of 'with benefits'. 'With benefits' just means it has no benefits," while another added, "I mean it's literally called f*** us." The playful banter continued with someone saying, "Or, the kombucha can f*** you," highlighting the amusing interpretation of the label.

The text below the primary label informs potential consumers about the health benefits of the drink, mentioning adaptogens, Ginkgo Biloba, and iodine. The flavor information, set against a green stripe, announces the Ginger & Pineapple flavor in white text, adding to the product's appeal.

Additional details at the bottom of the box include icons and blue text that inform consumers about its health benefits such as being a source of iodine, containing live cultures, and being sugar-free. Certifications and other details are also present, with a yellow circle and black "F" indicating a logo and the year "2021," and a green circle with white text saying "4" with smaller text beside it saying "→ 2."

Reddit users didn't stop at just commenting on the label. One user humorously asked, "huh where do i get one," while another chimed in with, "You don't even have to call the next day. Or sleep over," adding to the light-hearted thread. The discussions also touched on social commentary with a user noting, "Well it's 2024 and it's pride month so saying someone is not able/allowed/or should f*** anything that he imagine is a threat right?"

This vibrant and informative Kombucha box has not only attracted attention for its health benefits and flavor but also for the laughter and discussions it has generated online. The combination of clever marketing and an engaged community has made this Kombucha box a standout topic on Reddit, proving that sometimes, a simple product label can become an internet sensation.

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Top Comments from Reddit


You’re thinking of with “benefits”. “With benefits” just means it has no benefits


I mean it's literally called f*** us


Or, the kombucha can f*** you.


In my experience “with benefits” usually means I get to pay for dinner…..


huh where do i get one


You don't even have to call the next day. Or sleep over.


Well its 2024band itsbpride month so saying someone is not able/allowed/or should f*** anything that he imagine is a threat right?

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