The Curious Case of the "Going 2 Jail Sale": A Glimpse into a Unique Street Corner Event

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

On a bustling street corner, a wooden utility pole stands out, adorned with various signs, but one particular sign has captured the internet's attention. The sky is clear with a few clouds, trees with lush green leaves are in the backdrop, and cars pass by residential buildings. Yet, it's the handmade cardboard sign that steals the show.

The sign, haphazardly attached to the pole, reads:


going 2 Jail


Selling ALL MY S*** FOR Cheap

(The next line contains a blacked-out section, likely a phone number)

9445 (part of the phone number visible)

NO COPS allowed


This peculiar "Going 2 Jail Sale" has sparked a wave of reactions on Reddit. One user humorously commented, "No cops allowed" LMFAO. Another shared a personal anecdote about purchasing a car for $20 and a case of beer from someone heading to prison the next day. This car, after a simple battery replacement, ran perfectly and served multiple owners for years.

Another Redditor speculated about the legitimacy of the items on sale, saying, "I have a feeling that all his stuff may not be his stuff." This sentiment is echoed by a user reminiscing about a similar experience. They recalled attending a jail sale where a man named Rob, who took surprisingly good care of his records, sold various items cheaply. The man had a notably poor tattoo of E.T., which he humorously referred to as his "melted Steve Buscemi."

The "Going 2 Jail Sale" sign has even prompted comments connecting it to notable figures. References to Steve Bannon, the MyPillow guy, and even former President Donald Trump have been made, with users joking about the desperation and reality sinking in for these individuals.

Interestingly, one user noted seeing this sign in real life before spotting it online, adding to the curiosity and the spread of this unique event's fame. Another user humorously suggested that the sign could be an episode of the popular show "Trailer Park Boys."

The combination of humor, curiosity, and real-life stories shared by Reddit users highlights the unique charm of this "Going 2 Jail Sale." From comedic comments to personal tales of unexpected deals, this sign has certainly left a mark on those who have encountered it, both in person and online.

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Top Comments from Reddit


"No cops allowed" LMFAO


I bought a car once for $20 and a case of beer from a guy going to prison the next day. Couldn't get it to start and told me to offer him anything. I put it on a car trailer towed it home and put a new battery in it. Fired right up. Power everything, A/C worked, ran like a top. My sister drove it for 5 years before I sold it to a friend that needed a car badly for $250. He drove it for several more years


Damn the stuff he sells there must be a deal, especially if you manage to walk out with the stuff 😂


I have a feeling that all his s*** may not be his s***.


Crazy I saw this sign on my way home the other night, and now I've seen it on the internet a few times.


Spending the better part of my life broke as f*** it has offered the chances to live in some pretty fantastic 'hoods, and have been to a jail sale. A locals brother was getting sent up and had let everyone know he was selling his s***. Dude's name was Rob and everything was really cheap, and dude took surprisingly good care of his records. I must have got a couple dozen, an 8track/Cassette combo preamp and a office box of thrasher magazines for a hundred bucks. it was '99 and we sat getting drunk hanging out as he sold s*** for the better part of the day. Nice guy. Had a tattoo of E.T. that was super s***ty he called his melted Steve Buscemi. He wasn't wrong, either. I guess he got trashed on P** and really f***ed a cop up while already on probation, so no coming back from that s*** for a long time.


reality just sank in for steve bannon.


Tryna have a little something ready for commissary 🤣


Why didn't you tell us that that sign was on the gate at mar-a-lago?


This is how I got my Mazda RX-7. Friend of a friend was going away for a long time.. He was super scary, but also very friendly probably cuz I had money for him heh.. Anyway I ended up with a LHD 93 RX7 Blacked out with about a 10k discount. Both parties happy and I kept the car.

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