The Best Cards Against Humanity Combo That No One Laughed At

Mason Riverwind

Updated Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A Reddit user recently shared an image of what they believed to be the best combination of Cards Against Humanity cards they had ever played, only to be met with silence from their fellow players. The image, posted with the title "Had the best combo in Cards Against Humanity, and no one laughed…," captures the essence of the game's dark humor, highlighting both its appeal and its pitfalls.

The image displays two cards from the popular party game, Cards Against Humanity. The first card, a white one, reads "An Oedipus complex." The second card, black in color, states "kid-tested, mother-approved." The juxtaposition of these two cards creates an intellectually humorous and somewhat controversial combination, perfectly aligning with the game's reputation for pushing boundaries.

Despite the clever pairing, the original poster lamented that their friends did not find the combination amusing. This sentiment was echoed by several commenters who shared similar experiences of their own brilliant card combinations falling flat. One user recounted a time they played the card “Children on leashes” in response to the prompt “Michael Jackson dreams about ___,” only to be told it was too harsh. Another user shared a combination where the prompt was “What’s that smell?” and they played “Auschwitz.”

Cards Against Humanity is known for its dark, often offensive humor that requires players to have a certain level of understanding and acceptance of crude jokes. This game element can sometimes lead to moments of discomfort or misunderstandings, as evidenced by another commenter who mentioned playing the game with their not-so-internet-savvy French in-laws, leading to some awkward explanations.

The game's divisive nature is highlighted in another comment, which pointed out that Cards Against Humanity is less about logical combinations and more about knowing your audience. The winning cards are often the most absurd and contextually inappropriate, making the game's humor highly subjective.

In the end, the combination of "An Oedipus complex" and "kid-tested, mother-approved" might not have hit the mark with the original poster's friends, but it certainly sparked a conversation online. This instance serves as a reminder that while humor can be subjective, the true essence of Cards Against Humanity lies in its ability to challenge societal norms and provoke thought, even if not everyone gets the joke.

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That's the thing I hate about Cards Against Humanity, too many good combos get ignored and wasted by people without a sense of humor. I had to stop playing with some of my friends because they wanted everything to be logical and were too embarrassed to pick funny combos. For example, if the card was " \_\_ is always a delicious snack" and the options were "an aborted fetus", "Martha Stewart's v*****", and "an apple", they would pick the apple every time.




Nobody ever plays the good ones. Once I had “Michael Jackson dreams about ___” and I played “Children on leashes.” The other players said it was too harsh. I’m like, “That’s the point…”


Hahah ah yes, classic. It definitely made me laugh... but maybe someone should explain for those who don't get it.. also maybe just place the explanation as a reply to this comment as well (for others, not me)


That’s great. 🤓 My best combination was when the black card was “What’s that smell?” I played “Auschwitz.” I should be ashamed, I know.


These never seem real. Like there's never any other cards on the table, or drinks, or people. Just some dude going through some cards.


My favorite CAH moment was playing with my friend's family. The prompt was "Oh man, last night was so crazy, my a** feels like \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_" and my buddy, who is gay, played "A burrito stuffed with too much sour cream"


this is where we're at in this sub? Posting cards against humanity pairs?


Probably because they don't know what an Oedipus complex is


The OG mother fu**er!

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