Shark Week Comic Strip: A Crazy Take on Terrifying Sharks

Grayson Larkspur

Updated Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Shark Week has always been a thrilling time for ocean enthusiasts and fans of marine life. However, a recent comic strip titled "Shark Week (PC)" has taken a humorous turn, showing sharks in a less terrifying light. Created by @berrypunnycomics, this two-panel comic cleverly uses humor to personify sharks, making them appear more relatable and less fearsome.

In the first panel, the comic sets the scene with the text: "Sharks look less terrifying if you put a speech bubble of them complaining…". The illustration shows a shark emerging from the water with its mouth wide open, filled with sharp teeth, roaring menacingly. A young boy nearby is seen in the water, screaming "AHHHHH!!!!!" in sheer terror.

The second panel shifts the mood entirely. The same shark, now with a less aggressive expression and its mouth slightly open, is shown next to the boy who appears calmer but still attentive. A speech bubble coming from the shark reads: "Ugh...I can't believe my mom won't let me go to Jake's party this weekend." This mundane complaint makes the shark appear more human and relatable, transforming the initial terror into a comedic moment.

One Reddit user commented, "I can understand the pain of the shark," adding to the humor and relatability of the comic strip. The comic's ability to turn a typically frightening creature into a source of laughter highlights the creative genius behind @berrypunnycomics.

This comic strip has gained popularity for its unique take on sharks, especially during Shark Week. By adding a humorous twist, it encourages viewers to see sharks in a different light, proving that even the most terrifying creatures can have relatable, everyday problems.

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I can understand the pain of the shark

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