Funny Video: Man's Determination to Eat Apples Amazes the Internet

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A video titled "Buddy must really want 'the apple'" has taken Reddit by storm, showcasing a man's relentless effort to devour apples in a unique and determined manner. The video has sparked a flurry of reactions, with viewers captivated by the man's unconventional talent.

One user humorously remarked, "This man truly hates doctors," while another likened the individual's intense focus to "Bill Ponderosa after a coke binge." The video has even drawn comparisons to well-known personalities, with a comment stating, "Man, Steve Wozniak has hard times," highlighting the man's disheveled appearance and fervent apple-eating technique.

Some viewers have found the video educational, with one commenting, "I'ma show my kid this video when they ask how juice is made." Others have been entertained by the sheer absurdity of the act, jokingly requesting, "Would someone please edit out the apples?" The man's persistence has earned admiration, as one comment noted, "Now that’s talent," and another quipped, "Peak athleticism right there."

Despite the humor, there's an underlying appreciation for the skill involved. One user insightfully observed, "The best part about crazy talents is that they got good at them. Like this guy started off constantly dropping the apple, missing bites, messing up his flow. And slowly he developed enough tips and tricks of his own to find out that the most steady way to do what he wanted to do was commit to it like an absolute madlad. No nonchalantness found. Admirable."

The video's amusing nature is further highlighted by comments like, "Well he doesn’t look happy about it…" and "He’s making shockingly little progress eating those apples." The c***** of the video, where the man finally finishes the apples, left viewers in awe, with one saying, "That part at the end where he finishes the apples is crazy."

In a playful nod to biblical references, one user wrote, “Don’t eat the apple”-God, while another responded, “Just one bite maybe?”-Adam and Eve. The man's intense reaction, described as, “F*** YOOoOoOOOUuUuUu!!!”-this guy, added a layer of comedic drama.

The video even inspired some to think about their own unique talents, as illustrated by a comment that read, "Interviewer: 'Do you have any unique talents that set you apart from other candidates?' Me: 'You see these 3 apples?'"

Overall, this funny and oddly fascinating video has resonated with viewers, showcasing an unusual but captivating display of determination and skill. Whether it's the humor, the talent, or the sheer absurdity, this video has certainly left an impression on the internet.

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Top Comments from Reddit


This man truly hates doctors.


George Cooper


Bill Ponderosa after a coke binge


I'ma show my kid this video when they ask how juice is made


Would someone please edit out the apples?


Man, Steve wozniak has**** hard times


Now that’s talent


I am watching it so high


Well he doesn’t look happy about it…


That part at the end where he finishes the apples is crazy.

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