From Vietnam Draft to Statue: Inspirational Father-Son Moment at War Memorial

Mason Riverwind

Updated Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A touching moment was shared on Reddit, capturing the essence of family pride and humor at a war memorial. The post, titled "My Dad got drafted for Vietnam. We passed this statue on the street and he pointed to the guy in front and said 'That’s me!'. I said 'Wow, first one in? I’m proud.' He replied, 'No, I was the first one out,'" has generated a wave of reactions and comments, each adding layers of sentiment and laughter to the story.

The image accompanying the post depicts a poignant war memorial. The foreground features a row of life-sized bronze statues of soldiers, meticulously detailed and dressed in World War II-era military gear, including helmets and rifles. The soldiers are positioned in a march-like formation, each slightly ahead or behind the others, capturing the essence of unity and movement.

Mounted on a black rectangular raised platform, the statues have small plaques inscribed with names or titles, likely honoring the soldiers they represent or providing details about their units. The midground showcases these statues prominently, drawing attention to the dedication and sacrifice of the soldiers.

Behind the statues, a replica of a fighter plane, marked with "IH" and "UDNA K," is mounted in the air on a pole. Painted in military colors with a red nose and tail, and a black propeller, the plane appears to be in a climbing position, symbolizing the ascent and bravery of those who served. The background features a well-maintained plaza with trees displaying autumn-colored leaves, enhancing the park-like setting and providing a peaceful environment for reflection and remembrance.

The sky, painted with warm hues of yellow and orange, indicates either a sunrise or sunset, adding a dramatic and reverent tone to the scene. Alongside the plane, brick structures and the continuation of the plaza with more greenery and benches suggest a serene space designed for contemplation and honor.

Reddit users were quick to respond to the heartfelt post. One user, The Game, commented, "He does kind of look like your dad in uniform." Another user humorously added, "Bingo! Thought it was my dad for a second." The light-hearted nature of the father's response, "No, I was the first one out," elicited laughter from another commenter who said, "He said he was the first one out, and I couldn't stop laughing."

The most humorous comment perhaps came from a user who joked, "If his pullout game was that good you wouldn't exist," adding a playful twist to the touching narrative.

This war memorial stands as a testament to the bravery and sacrifice of soldiers, while the shared family moment highlights the enduring human spirit and the bonds that tie generations together. The Reddit post not only honors the memory of those who served but also brings a smile through a father's witty remark, making it a memorable and inspirational story.

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The Game


He does kind of look like your dad in uniform.


Bingo! Thought it was my dad for a second.


He said he was the first one out, and I couldn't stop laughing.


If his pullout game was that good you wouldn't exist.

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