Fabio Fognini's Incredulous Outburst at Tennis Match: A Zany Viral Moment

Mason Riverwind

Updated Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent viral video titled "He was so incredulous he forgot to speak English," Italian tennis star Fabio Fognini captured the internet's attention with an emotional outburst during a match. The clip shows Fognini passionately protesting a referee's call, vehemently expressing his disbelief in rapid Italian.

The transcript reveals Fognini's frustration as he exclaims, "No, no, no! Non è vero! Non è vero! Non è vero!" which translates to "No, no, no! It's not true! It's not true! It's not true!" He continues to argue, "Ha preso in cesso Pascal! Ma come mi dai i warning? Come fai a darmi i warning? Per favore! Come fai?" meaning, "He hit the line Pascal! How can you give me a warning? How can you give me a warning? Please! How can you?" His passionate plea underscores his disbelief as he questions the referee's decision.

Viewers have found the incident both zany and relatable, with one comment humorously noting, "The guy has more rhythm than most singers." Another user highlighted the absurdity of the situation, joking, "He's actually English. It's just that level of exasperation is physiologically impossible to express in anything other than Italian."

The video also sparked a broader discussion about the role of technology in sports. One user questioned, "Out of curiosity (as a non-sports fan), how are calls like this in sports not automated with cameras at this point?" This comment reflects a growing sentiment that technology could help eliminate human error in sports.

Additionally, the video has inspired a range of reactions, from admiration of Fognini's expressive nature to lighthearted jokes. One user quipped, "Classic Fognini," while another added, "The look on that judge's face is priceless, and I could listen to that guy all day long!"

The incident serves as a reminder of the intense emotions that sports can evoke and the universal appeal of such candid moments. Fabio Fognini's passionate outburst not only entertained viewers but also highlighted the potential for technology to enhance fairness in sports officiating.

Overall, this video of Fabio Fognini has become a viral sensation, demonstrating the power of authentic emotion to engage and amuse audiences worldwide.

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Top Comments from Reddit


He's saying "how can you call that out, it hit the line there was chalk, I was here at the net ...... Then a bit of swearing."


What happened lol? I don't know anything about tennis


The guy has more rhythm than most singers 😅


"Come ca**o fai? Madonna" XD 10000 % italian


Legit question, are the refs always English speaking at international events?


Impossible to tell in/out from this angle, but it seems like you can see chalk flying just like he says.


Classic Fognini


My boy said: "🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻"


Out of curiosity (as a non-sports fan), how are calls like this in sports not automated with cameras at this point? The amount of controversial ref calls I see, and arguments, and disagreements, just seems insane when most of the time it's something pretty simple that a camera and automated system could just detect, no? Was the ball on the line or past it, isn't like the easiest thing for a camera to just know? We're worried about AI passing the bar or predicting the stock market but we still need a human to sit in a chair and tell us if a ball landed in a clearly marked white boundary?


Why did he started having a go at Madonna in the end?

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