Does Jesus Come to Get a Schnitzel? A Lighthearted Query Amidst a Stunning Austrian Landscape

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A recent image shared on Reddit has sparked a wave of humorous and skeptical reactions. The post titled "My son asked yesterday ‘does Jesus come to get a schnitzel?’, when he saw this over our Austrian city [OC]" presents a picturesque landscape that could easily be mistaken for a scene out of a fairy tale.

The image showcases a small town nestled among lush green hills and mountains. As the sun’s rays pierce through a gap in the thick, gray cloud cover, the valley below is bathed in an ethereal light. This stunning natural phenomenon seems to have inspired a child’s whimsical question about Jesus’s culinary preferences, leading to a mix of amusement and disbelief among Reddit users.

In the foreground, a traditional wooden house with a dark brown, rustic roof and a chimney stands partially obscured by trees. The middle ground reveals a quaint town with a variety of buildings, including a prominent church steeple rising above the red and gray rooftops. The background features steep, rugged hills covered in dense forests, adding to the scene’s natural beauty.

Comments on the post range from outright skepticism to playful banter. One user cynically remarked, "No, I don’t think your son asked that. Sorry to be cynical." Another added a humorous twist, saying, "No, Jesus prefers Carnitas." A particularly imaginative comment read, "Hell yes. Jesus loves schnitzel. Allah loves schnitzel. Mohammed loves (chicken) schnitzel. Buddha only eats vegetables but he wishes he could eat schnitzel. Schnitzel is the best."

Amid the light-hearted responses, some users expressed their disbelief more bluntly. Comments like "Oh f**k off Rebecca he did not say that" and "Show me the schnitzel, or it never happened" highlight the skepticism that often accompanies such whimsical anecdotes.

Despite the mixed reactions, the image itself is undeniably captivating. The beams of sunlight breaking through the clouds create a dramatic contrast, making the landscape appear almost magical. This serene and awe-inspiring scene seems to have provided the perfect backdrop for a child’s innocent and imaginative question.

While the debate over whether the child actually asked about Jesus coming for schnitzel may continue, the beauty of the Austrian landscape captured in the image is a reminder of the simple joys and wonders of the world around us. Whether or not one believes the story, the image serves as a delightful escape and a testament to the charm of everyday moments.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Oh f**k off Rebecca he did not say that


How is this funny or even trying to be


No, I don’t think your son asked that. Sorry to be cynical.


Show me the schnitzel, or it never happened.


No, Jesus prefers Carnitas.


Hell yes. Jesus loves schnitzel. Allah loves schnitzel. Mohammed loves (chicken) schnitzel. Budha only eats vegetables but he wishes he could eat Schnitzel. Schnitzel is the best.


He could learn something about science, instead he gets stories about sky daddy.


What is this Facebook garbage?


I don’t believe you because we can clearly see the mountains but there is no blonde lady with a guitar and a gaggle of children.


Hell yes my Jesus is all about a Schnitzel

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