Comical Shopping List Found in Grocery Cart: 'Boritos' and 'Fun Treat and Drink' Steal the Show

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A delightful and humorous shopping list was recently discovered in a grocery cart, sparking a wave of amusement and heartfelt comments on Reddit. The list, written on a torn piece of lined notebook paper, displays endearing child-like handwriting and includes a range of items from everyday essentials to whimsical treats.

The image, which has garnered significant attention, shows the paper being held by a person’s left hand with their thumb visible at the bottom left corner. In the background, one can make out parts of a shopping cart and rows of products on store shelves, though they remain out of focus.

The shopping list reads as follows:

1. ~~milk~~ (crossed out)

2. ~~juise~~ (crossed out and rewritten as "Juice")

3. cerel (cereal)

4. easy food

5. Boritos (burritos)

6. creamer

7. sourcream

8. Bread

9. Sandwich

10. fun treat and drint (drink)

Reddit users were quick to comment on the charmingly imperfect handwriting and the peculiar spelling of “Boritos” and “drint.” One user, clearly amused, simply commented, “Boritos.” Another user humorously envisioned what their own list might look like, listing various flavors of Ramen such as Beef Ramen, Chili Ramen, and Pork Ramen.

The list has captured the hearts of many, with one user exclaiming, “Hope they got their fun treat and drink!” Another commenter reflected on the handwriting, noting, “That is perhaps the most-reasonable list by a five-year-old that I have ever seen. If I had been the five-year-old in question, my list would have included things like ‘choklit cake’ and ‘a motercykil.’”

Others shared personal anecdotes, likening the handwriting to that of their own elderly relatives or recalling how they used to sneak treats onto their parents’ shopping lists. One user said, “When I take my 92-year-old nana grocery shopping, her penmanship and items look like this. She can barely see and is just happy to be out shopping.”

The list also sparked a discussion on literacy and dysgraphia, a condition that affects handwriting and fine motor skills. A thoughtful user commented, “Could be a child or adult with dysgraphia. It doesn't have anything to do with intelligence in that case. Difficulty spelling, inconsistent letter shapes, difficulty following the lines on paper are all dysgraphia symptoms. Just a thought.”

Despite the various interpretations and speculations, the overarching sentiment is one of endearment and nostalgia. The list serves as a gentle reminder of the innocence and simplicity of childhood, and the joy that can be found in the small things, like a “fun treat and drink.”

Whether it was a child eager to help with the grocery shopping or an adult reliving a moment of youthful exuberance, this shopping list has undoubtedly brought a smile to many faces. Kevin, you might just be home alone again, but you’re certainly not alone in bringing joy to the internet!

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Hope they got their fun treat and drink!




that is perhaps the most-reasonable list by a five-year-old that i have ever seen. if i had been the five-year-old in question, my list would have included things like "choklit cake" and "a motercykil."


Fun Treat and Drink Yasssssssss


If it was OP's list it would read Beef Ramen Chili Ramen Pork Ramen


You'd be amazed and appaled by how many adults around you don't know how to read and write properly.


Is the item between Milk and Cerel supposed to be Juise? And if so, did they want apel or oranje?


Over half the adults in the US have below a 6th grade reading level. It's really not funny at all.


Looks like a child writing the list because they wanted to help mama.


I hope they got their fun treat. :’)

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