Amusing Surgery Center Pen: "Can't Fix Stupid, But We Can Sedate It" Goes Viral

Mason Riverwind

Updated Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A recent image making waves on Reddit has captured the internet's attention with its humorous and somewhat controversial message. The image was found after hours at a surgery center and has sparked a range of reactions from Reddit users.

The close-up view of the pen shows a turquoise blue body with silver-colored accents, including a clip near the writing tip and silver bands towards the upper part. However, it's the bold white text printed on the pen that has everyone talking: "CAN'T FIX STUPID, BUT WE CAN SEDATE IT."

This cheeky phrase has led to a flurry of comments. One user humorously expressed relief, saying, "Thank f***ing God, I prefer to be sedated." Another user linked the well-known Ramones song, "I want to be sedated," adding a musical twist to the conversation.

The pen's message has even led to some tongue-in-cheek suggestions, such as arming Special Education teachers with blowguns or creating a version that says, "put me out of my misery." Some users noted the absence of a drug company logo, joking that pharmaceutical reps usually hand out pens like candy.

"Unofficial emergency medical transport slogan: play stupid games, win a tube," quipped another user, adding to the array of witty remarks.

Whether seen as a humorous take on the medical profession or a controversial statement, this pen has certainly struck a chord with many. It serves as a reminder of the lighter side of medical practice, where a bit of humor can go a long way in easing the daily stress and challenges faced by healthcare workers.

For those interested, the pen's message offers both a chuckle and food for thought, illustrating how even the smallest items can carry significant cultural weight. As the discussions continue, one thing is clear: this surgery center pen has made its mark on the internet.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Thank f***ing God, I prefer to be sedated


Are you suggesting we should arm Special Education teachers with blowguns? \\s


[I want to be sedated.](


I need one that says, put me out of my misery.


No drug company logo? Their reps hand out pens like candy.


If they start handing out blowguns, sign me up for one with a sleeping dart. Who needs logo pens when you got that?


unofficial emergency medical transport slogan: play stupid games, win a tube


I don't get it. (]:Q)...

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