Unbelievable: Missing Golden Roachriever Sparks Playful Search Party

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Thursday, May 16, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a bizarre turn of events, a missing pet flyer has taken the internet by storm, leaving netizens scratching their heads and laughing out loud. The flyer, which features a sarcastic and humorous tone, has captivated the attention of social media users worldwide. Titled "MISSING PET," the flyer showcases a photograph of a cockroach and pleads for the safe return of a beloved companion named Febreeze.

Described as a "Golden Roachriever," Febreeze is said to have disappeared overnight, causing deep concern for its owner. The flyer humorously describes Febreeze's bubbly personality but warns of its skittishness around strangers. If encountered, the instructions are clear: sprinkle fish flakes at your feet and initiate dry heaving. Apparently, Febreeze can't resist the call of its favorite snack.

But that's not all. The missing pet flyer reveals some rather unusual hobbies that Febreeze allegedly enjoys. From sitting under dishwashers to lighting children on fire (in a metaphorical sense, we hope) and even indulging in a unique fascination with "podcasts," this Golden Roachriever seems to have an adventurous spirit.

The flyer also offers a reward of $500 for anyone who can provide information leading to Febreeze's safe return. It's clear that the owner is desperate to be reunited with their beloved pet.

Adding to the intrigue, the flyer takes an unexpected turn when it accuses someone named Deborah of being responsible for Febreeze's disappearance. In bold red letters, the flyer exclaims, "I KNOW THIS IS YOUR FAULT DEBORAH I WILL SKIN YOU ALIVE." While the authenticity of this claim remains uncertain, it has only fueled the online frenzy surrounding this peculiar missing pet case.

To report any sightings or share information, the flyer urges people to call, text, or email, with the number "911" highlighted in bold red. However, it's important to note that this number is typically reserved for emergencies, so it's advisable to use alternative channels for non-urgent matters.

Social media platforms are now flooded with comments and speculations about the whereabouts of Febreeze. Some users jokingly suggest that the missing pet could be found in Gatorville, while others think it might be hiding in the vibrant streets of New Orleans. As the online discussion continues, users are also expressing their curiosity about the meaning of "podcasts" and why Febreeze finds them so fascinating.

While the authenticity of this missing pet flyer remains a mystery, it has undeniably brought a touch of humor and entertainment to the online community. As individuals wait eagerly for updates on Febreeze's whereabouts, we can't help but appreciate the comedic genius behind this unconventional search party.

So, keep your eyes peeled for any signs of a Golden Roachriever in your area. And remember, if you encounter Febreeze, don't forget the fish flakes and the dry heaving – it might just be the key to reuniting this adventurous pet with its owner.

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Usual day in NY




That’s a badass Golden Retriever if it listens to podcats.


Lighting children on fire is my kind of thing


This just screams Portland or Seattle


Bath Salt Lake City?


Deborah is in trouble


IRL s***post


She was sitting next to me today on the subway


I really want to know what “Podcats” are and why Febreeze likes listening to them.

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