Ingenious HVAC Hack: The Dual Inverter AC Unit That's Breaking the Internet

Zoey Waverider

Updated Thursday, May 16, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever come across a DIY solution that is so out-of-the-box, it leaves you amazed and scratching your head at the same time? Well, we've got quite the treat for you today. A recent image posted on Reddit titled "2 room 1 ac? I gotchu bro" has been making waves across social media, showcasing a truly unique approach to air conditioning.

The image captures a wall-mounted air conditioning unit that seems to have been installed in a rather unconventional manner. Partially lodged into an uneven hole in the wall, the AC unit appears to have been placed in a hurry or perhaps incorrectly. The broken wall material around the unit and the jagged edges give it an overall DIY vibe.

Upon closer inspection, we can see that the air conditioner is branded as "LG" on the top left corner. On the bottom right, the text "DUAL Inverter" catches our attention. Although the specifics of this particular model are not legible, the green color on the energy rating sticker suggests that it might be an energy-efficient unit.

The angle of the photo adds to the overall charm of the image, emphasizing the quirky installation of the air conditioner. It's no wonder that people on Reddit and other social media platforms have been buzzing with comments and reactions.

Users have been quick to showcase their wit and humor, with one user commenting, "Those are called 'mini-splits,' but that is taking the idea rather literally." Another user cleverly points out, "One room has the A, the other room has the C," highlighting the improvisation behind this unique setup.

Not everyone is convinced, though, with some expressing concerns about the durability and effectiveness of the setup. However, many have applauded the creativity and problem-solving skills demonstrated by the individual responsible for this inventive air conditioning solution.

While the location of the image remains unknown, some users have speculated that it might be from the Philippines, given the resourcefulness often seen in that region. Others have shared similar experiences, recalling instances of unconventional AC installations in their own homes or acquaintances' residences.

Whether you see this as a temporary fix or a clever long-term solution, there's no denying the viral appeal of this image. The internet has a way of turning the ordinary into something extraordinary, and this unique AC setup is no exception.

So, next time you find yourself in a situation where you need to cool down multiple rooms with limited resources, take a cue from this creative DIYer. Just remember to exercise caution and consult professionals when it comes to proper AC installations.

In the end, this image serves as a reminder that sometimes the most unusual solutions can be the most effective. The ingenuity showcased here is a testament to human creativity and the ability to make the best out of any situation.

So, what do you think of this ingenious HVAC hack? Would you consider implementing a similar solution in your own home? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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Top Comments from Reddit


Those are called "mini-splits" but that is taking the idea rather literally.


One room has the A the other room has the C


that's smart thinking.


Unfortunately, poverty is the mother of improvisation.


It's ok, it says dual right on it.


well, if there's not enough for two airs, it's time to open a hole and divide it between the two rooms lol


It’s only temporary unless it works.


That's smart asf ngl Edit: why the dowvotes😿


F*** the service guys amirite


Philippines, calling it now

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