Wacky Video Exposes the Truth Behind Being a Hotelier

Avery Emberly

Updated Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever wondered what it really means to be a hotelier? Well, a recent viral video on Reddit titled "Hotelier???" sheds light on this intriguing profession, leaving viewers in stitches with its comedic twist.

In the video, a comedian engages in a conversation with someone who introduces themselves as a hotelier. Confused by the term, the comedian hilariously questions if it means greeting people at a hotel, working at the front desk, or even owning the entire establishment. The comedian playfully suggests that using the simple term "hotel owner" would have avoided the confusion altogether.

The comedian further jokes about the perceived grandeur of the word "hotelier," wondering if the person in question owns a fancy hotel like a Ramada or runs an Airbnb operation from their backyard, playfully implying that they might be renting out their own child's bedroom. The comedian humorously pokes fun at the idea of someone calling themselves a hotelier while sharing a bed with their daughter.

This video quickly garnered attention and sparked a flurry of comments from viewers. One user hilariously noted the similarity between the comedian's roast and chef Brad Leone's mean streak. Others questioned if roasting people could actually be a legitimate career path.

One comment reflected on the possibility that the person's entire career might revolve around owning properties for the purpose of Airbnb, potentially making it quite lucrative. This sentiment left some individuals struggling to purchase their own homes feeling a bit peeved.

Amidst the comments, there were references to Bryce Harper, a well-known baseball player, and his potential career in stand-up comedy. Some viewers found the video relatable, highlighting the pretentiousness of certain individuals who rent out shacks or tiny homes but refer to themselves as hoteliers.

While opinions varied, it became evident that the video struck a chord with many viewers. Some found it funny, while others felt it was crass or even offensive. Regardless, the video exposed a common misconception about the term "hotelier," emphasizing that it is simply a fancy way of saying "hotel owner."

The video "Hotelier???" offers an amusing take on the profession of being a hotelier. The witty banter and playful roasting provide a lighthearted yet thought-provoking perspective on the use of grandiose terms. So, the next time you come across someone claiming to be a hotelier, remember, it's just another way of saying "hotel owner" with a touch of sophistication.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Ayo roasting people is a career path ?!


The fact that it's entirely possible that the guys whole career could actually just be him owning property for the sake of AirBnB *and* that it could very well be rather lucrative, makes someone like me who is struggling to buy a home rather peeved.


Brad Leone got mean


How this funny.


Bryce Harper doing stand up now?


F*** me it’s the f***ing definition of what a hotelier is. What is this s***


I'm your guy, your day-to-day Your chum, your steadfast hotelierー♪


Wow Harper is pretty good at comedy


Not a fan of these types of comedians


He makes this joke because this is literally what Air BnB people say and do and it’s hella pretentious. A hotelier is just that an owner of hotel but people out here renting shacks and tiny homes calling themselves hoteliers can f*** off. Same vibe as the guy who goes to a sommelier class and acts like he’s unlocked the secret of wine tasting. Is it funny, not really but it’s true af

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