Maintain Bathroom Etiquette: A Plea for Cleanliness and Respect

Mason Riverwind

Updated Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a world where basic hygiene and common courtesy seem to be in short supply, one workplace has had enough. A recently surfaced image has shed light on a growing issue that many of us can relate to - the unfortunate act of p***ing on the floor in a public restroom. This image, shared on Reddit, features a sign that serves as a desperate plea to address this unsavory problem.

The sign, hastily attached to a wall, is a clear indication of the frustration felt by the employees. Its creased edges and slightly crooked positioning only add to the urgency of the message. In bold, capitalized letters, it reads, "Please STOP P***ing on the Floor." The misspelling of the word "else" as "eise" only serves to highlight the urgency and haste with which this message was created.

But what makes this sign particularly noteworthy is the fact that it is posted in a unisex toilet. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it seems that men and women alike are guilty of this act of bathroom negligence. The sign explicitly states, "This is a unisex toilet. Show some respect." It's a call for everyone to take responsibility for their actions and maintain cleanliness, regardless of gender.

The frustration behind this sign is not without reason. As the comments on the Reddit post reveal, people have strong opinions and personal experiences related to this issue. Some users humorously blame the inability of men to aim accurately, while others point out that women who hover instead of sitting down contribute to the mess. There are even suggestions for separate bathrooms for "p**** owners" and "non-p**** owners," highlighting the exasperation felt by some.

While humorous anecdotes and witty remarks may be entertaining, the underlying message of the sign should not be overlooked. It is a plea for basic hygiene and respect in a shared space. As one user rightly pointed out, "When men stand and pee, the pee splashes everywhere just a tiny little bit." It's a reminder that even unintentional actions can lead to an unsightly and unhygienic bathroom environment.

In an attempt to address this issue head-on, the sign concludes with a stern warning: "Clean up after yourself or you can find somewhere else to go!" It's a simple yet powerful statement, emphasizing the importance of personal responsibility and the consequences for those who fail to adhere to it.

So, the next time you find yourself in a public restroom, take a moment to reflect on the plight of those working tirelessly to maintain cleanliness. Remember the sign that serves as a reminder for us all to show respect and clean up after ourselves. Let's work together to make our shared spaces more pleasant for everyone and ensure that the floor remains free from unwanted liquids.

In the immortal words of a Reddit commenter, "No more sword fights lads."

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Top Comments from Reddit


Yeah go p*** on the floor in a non unisex bathroom you plebs.


It's about time the men in here started to call out those women who can't keep it straight... 😜


Sign in grandpa's shop said, "Please don't leave your butts in the u*****, it makes them soggy and hard to light".


Both men and women’s toilets have p*** around them. Men can’t aim and women don’t want to sit down all the way


This is 100% a group of hovering women hosing the place down.


Women have terrible aim.


Had this happen at work when a female co worker use the toilet after a disabled customer used it, sign didn’t stay up long


So if it was not a unisex bathroom it would be ok?


Was it a hovering girl or a drunk dude… the world may never know


So if it were not unisex, would it be OK to p*** on the floor?

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