Fascinating Insights into Neighborhood Peac: A Beautiful Neighbor or a Noisy Nuisance?

Mason Riverwind

Updated Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever come across a neighborhood where peac**** roam freely, showcasing their vibrant plumage? Well, it turns out that these majestic creatures are more common than you might think! A recent video shared on Reddit titled "Do you guys have neighborhood Peac**** as well?" has sparked a lively discussion about the presence of these captivating birds in various communities.

In the video, we catch a glimpse of a neighborhood peacock strutting its stuff. The person behind the camera marvels at its beautiful plumage while engaging in a light-hearted conversation with the bird. It's a fascinating sight to behold, capturing the essence of these magnificent creatures.

The comments section of the video provides further insights into people's experiences with neighborhood peac****. One user mentions encountering them in Florida, describing them as both dirty and noisy. Another user humorously compares them to "pigeons for rich people," highlighting their association with wealth and luxury.

Interestingly, someone shares a personal anecdote about their parents' neighbors who not only have one, but multiple peac****. While the reason for their presence remains a mystery, these birds have become a cherished part of the community. Their distinctive calls can be heard throughout the day, adding a touch of uniqueness to the neighborhood. Occasionally, one of them, affectionately named Kevin by the community, ventures onto the road and indulges in birdseed on driveways, captivating everyone with their stunning appearance and, at times, obnoxious screeches.

However, not all experiences with neighborhood peac**** are positive. A disgruntled former resident of Pasadena, California, recalls the birds sitting on rooftops and cars, causing noise disturbances and scratching vehicle exteriors. Despite these inconveniences, the allure of these elegant creatures remains undeniable.

The video sparks a series of comments from people residing in various locations, confirming the presence of these birds in their own neighborhoods. From Alabama to Oregon, and even as far as Manitoba and British Columbia in North America, peac**** seem to have found a home in diverse communities. It's intriguing to ponder how these birds adapt and survive in different climates, especially during harsh winters.

While some individuals express frustration with their neighborhood peac****, likening their constant calls to the animated character Kevin from the movie "UP," others admire their beauty while acknowledging their mischievous tendencies. One person humorously refers to their neighborhood peacock as an "absolute j******," an artistic yet cheeky description that perfectly captures the complex relationship between humans and these magnificent birds.

Despite the mixed opinions, it is clear that neighborhood peac**** leave a lasting impression on those lucky enough to share their living space with them. Their vibrant plumage, distinctive calls, and occasional mischief make them an undeniable part of the community's fabric.

So, the next time you come across a neighborhood peacock, take a moment to appreciate their beauty and the unique charm they bring to the area. Whether they are viewed as a beautiful neighbor or a noisy nuisance, there's no denying that these majestic birds add a touch of wonder to our everyday lives.

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Top Comments from Reddit


We have them in Florida, dirty and noisy


So it's like a pigeon for rich people?


F*** those guys! Had them when I lived in Pasadena CA and they would sit on our roof of our home and cars making noise all day and night and scratching the s*** out of your car exterior.




Yes, we do.


My parents neighbors actually have multiple peac****. Why? No clue but probably 20ish years ago they just had them and they're honestly really cool. You'll definitely hear their calls randomly throughout the day and you kind of just get used to them. Every once in a while Kevin (what we call the peac**** as a collective) will wander down the road and up our driveway and eat birdseed on the driveway. They're such pretty creatures and their obnoxious screeching is totally worth it.


Yes. In Alabama.


These guys love to hop on the hood of parked cars and scratch the hell out of them.


That is one beautiful neighbor!


No but the Philly zoo has some, and they occasionally wander into traffic and get run over

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