Entertaining Video of Cat Burglar Leaves Internet in Stitches

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Tuesday, May 14, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the world of viral videos, there's always something unexpected waiting to be discovered. From inspirational moments to jaw-dropping stunts, the internet never fails to entertain us. And today, we have stumbled upon a video that has taken the internet by storm - a entertaining encounter involving a mischievous feline and a failed de-corker.

The video begins innocently enough with a couple attempting to use a new de-corker. Little did they know that this ordinary household item would soon become the center of attention. As the couple tries to figure out why the de-corker isn't working, hilarity ensues.

"Why isn't it going?" one of them asks in confusion. The other responds with a shrug, clearly puzzled by the situation. It's a bad day indeed, but what happens next is beyond anyone's wildest imagination.

In the midst of their troubleshooting, the unexpected occurs - the de-corker fails spectacularly! The cork doesn't budge, but something else does. Suddenly, a swift and agile figure appears out of nowhere, making a daring leap towards the de-corker. It's none other than a mischievous cat, ready to seize the opportunity.

The internet was quick to react to this unexpected turn of events. Commenters couldn't help but express their astonishment. One user humorously mentioned, "Ok, I was predicting a number of things here, but that wasn't one of them." It seems that no one saw this feline intervention coming.

While some viewers wondered about the functionality of the de-corker, others were captivated by the cat's agility. A witty commenter quipped, "About that de-corker, does it fill the bottle with more air to force the cork to blow off? Thats what it looks like to me, someone who’s never de-corked in my life. And I gotta say, saying de-corked is kinda fun, and I never knew that's how you'd spell it lol."

The internet's obsession with cats was further fueled by the video. One user aptly labeled the feline as a "cat burglar," showcasing its impressive thievery skills. Another commenter humorously stated, "\"Try\" has nothing to do with it," highlighting the cat's successful heist.

As the video reached its c*****, viewers were left in stitches. The perfect ending further enhanced the comedic value of the situation. The unexpected nature of the cat's actions led one commenter to exclaim, "r/unexpected," capturing the essence of the video.

The internet's love for animals was also evident in the comments. With a touch of humor, one user asked, "What was that, a chicken b*****?" referring to the cat's swift and stealthy movements. Another person playfully remarked, "Never take your eyes off the prize! Cat: 1, Human: 0 chicken."

Interestingly, a user shared a personal anecdote about their own mischievous feline companion. It seems that this behavior is not exclusive to the video's star. The commenter reminisced about their cat's nighttime adventures, including an incident involving broken glass and a pretend nap on the couch. It was a reminder of the unique bond between humans and their furry friends.

The video also garnered attention for its hidden details. A clever viewer noticed an obscured wine bottle label that resembled the words "KillKitty." The coincidence added an extra layer of intrigue and humor to the already entertaining situation.

In the end, the video serves as a lighthearted reminder to find joy in unexpected moments. It's a testament to the unpredictable nature of life and the endless entertainment that the internet has to offer. The cat's daring escapade will surely be remembered as one of the most memorable viral videos of the year.

As for the couple in the video, we can only imagine the laughter and surprise that filled their home. Perhaps they will forever remember this incident as the day their de-corker met its match in the form of an agile and determined feline.

So, if you're ever in need of a good laugh, look no further than this viral video. The misadventures of a cat burglar and a failed de-corker are bound to brighten your day. And who knows, maybe we'll even get to see an extended cut of this entertaining encounter in the future.

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ok, i was predicting a number of things here. that wasn't one of them


Cat burglar.


"Try" has nothing to do with it.


About that de-corker, does it fill the bottle with more air to force the cork to blow off? Thats what it looks like to me, someone who’s never de-corked in my life. And i gotta say, saying de-corked is kinda fun and i never knew thats how you’d spell it lol.


Not reading the caption my first thought was "how does this decorker fail spectacularly.... and will there be glass and/or blood?" As well as wondering how staged it is. The ending was perfect.






Jean Valjean


Tries?.. I would say succeeded.


what was that a chicken b*****?

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