Entertaining College Achievement: Disabled Graduate's Parents Take Humor to a Whole New Level!

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Tuesday, May 14, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

When it comes to celebrating their disabled college student's graduation, some parents go the extra mile. But one disabled graduate's parents took it to a whole new level, leaving everyone wondering if they are entertaining or just plain horrible human beings. In a viral image shared on Reddit, we catch a glimpse of a framed certificate of achievement that perfectly captures the essence of this unique graduation.

The certificate, proudly titled "CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT," immediately catches the eye with its yellow ribbon-banner graphic element. But what truly steals the show is the statement right below it. In bold capital letters, it reads, "THIS CERTIFICATE IS PROUDLY PRESENTED TO" - followed by a black redaction line, obscuring the name that would typically be there. It's clear that this certificate is meant to honor the disabled graduate's incredible accomplishment.

But what makes this certificate truly stand out is the humorous twist. Directly below the redacted name, we find the phrase that brought laughter to countless internet users: "For graduating from college without ever stepping foot on campus!" It's a clever nod to the unique circumstances in which the disabled graduate completed their education, likely remotely.

While the certificate itself is a work of comedic genius, it's the additional details that truly showcase the parents' exceptional sense of humor. A statement with blanks for the date and year reads, "Given in _ _th on the day of _ _ May in the year 202." Although the exact details are redacted, it's clear that this certificate was presented on a meaningful day in May of 2022.

At the bottom of the certificate, a golden seal or stamp graphic with a starburst design adds a touch of prestige. Next to it, a line labeled "SIGNATURE" is playfully covered by yet another redaction, leaving us curious about the mysterious signer's identity. It's these small touches that truly bring the entire composition together.

The image has sparked a myriad of reactions from viewers. Some laud the disabled graduate's parents, applauding their exceptional parenting. Others find the humor dark but undeniably funny. One comment even shares a poker story that perfectly captures the spirit of this certificate, reminding us that laughter truly knows no bounds.

As the image spread like wildfire across social media platforms, it quickly became a favorite among disabled individuals as well. Some found inspiration in the disabled graduate's achievement, while others embraced the humor and vowed to use similar punchlines in their own lives.

In the end, the certificate of achievement presented to this disabled college graduate is a testament to the power of laughter and resilience. It reminds us that even in the face of adversity, humor can be a powerful tool for overcoming challenges and celebrating accomplishments.

So, to the disabled graduate and their entertaining (or maybe just slightly horrible) parents, we extend our congratulations! May this certificate continue to bring joy and laughter to all who encounter it, and may it serve as a reminder that a little humor can go a long way in brightening our days.

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Top Comments from Reddit


I'm disabled myself and that's funny as f***.


I once worked with a Brit who lost a foot in his previous career as a SAS guy. He showed me a pic of him in hospital post-surgery with his coworkers. They gave him a bag of gummy bears with the left foot bit off. Brutal, but he loved that pic and showed it to everyone.


They filled in the date wrong.


Outstanding achievement.


Love it! My mom was in a wheelchair. Growing up whenever she would ask me to get something for her I'd say "Get it yourself! That's what God gave you legs for!" Then I'd do it of course. It always caught other people off guard 😂


Stand up to your parents that's awful


Their parenting deserves a standing ovation!


This reminds me of a great poker story. I used to deal poker and we had a blind player, who was really funny and we got to know him pretty well. We'll call him Sammy. When you come to a table, you tap the dealer on the shoulder, he tells you any news you might need about the game, then you take over. So, he stands up and Sammy is the big blind. Not thinking the dealer says "Your blind Sammy". Sammy busts out laughing and says "I am aware of that! Thanks for pointing it out!"


Hilarious is the answer! Haha


Just dark humor… funny as heck.

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