Morocco's Under 13 Soccer Team Faces Height Disparity Against Guinea's National U-15 Team

Zoey Waverider

Updated Monday, May 13, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the world of youth soccer, age can be a tricky thing to determine. And sometimes, the age difference becomes quite apparent, as seen in a recent image that has been making waves on social media. The image captures the moment when Morocco's under 13 soccer team faced off against Guinea's under 13 team, but something seemed off.

The top photo of the collage shows four individuals on a sunny day, standing on a grassy soccer field. Two men, dressed in light blue referee uniforms, flank a young boy in a vibrant green football kit. But what catches the eye is the much shorter boy wearing the captain's armband for his team. Alongside them is a young player in a red and white striped uniform, representing the sponsor "QUILMES". The serious expressions on their faces indicate a pre-match photograph, set against a backdrop of a soccer field and distant buildings.

However, it is the bottom photo that truly highlights the astonishing height disparity between the players. The same team, now in their red and white striped uniforms, led by the captain from the top photo, are walking towards the camera. A small fence and a building mark the sideline, possibly a sports facility. One of the referees from the top photo is also present, holding a flag as an assistant referee. Walking beside him is a young boy in a green uniform who appears significantly shorter than everyone else in the image.

Naturally, this stark contrast in height has sparked a flurry of reactions and comments on social media. Users have expressed their astonishment, questioning the age and size of the players. Some even jokingly suggested the need for birth certificates to confirm the players' ages, while others compared the situation to similar instances in the world of sports.

One user humorously pointed out the resemblance to the infamous photo of the USA women's under 16 team against El Salvador, where the final score was an astonishing 114-19. Another user drew a parallel to Spain's basketball team during the Paralympics in Sydney 2000, where it was revealed that several players had pretended to be intellectually disabled. While these comparisons may be light-hearted, they highlight the ongoing debate surrounding age verification in youth sports.

In his book "Tipping Point," Malcolm Gladwell delves into the impact of age on children's athletics. He explains how being "older" for their grade or closer to the age cutoff can result in physical advantages, leading to better coaching and more practice. This accumulates over time, creating a significant gap in skill and experience. The birthdays of the players in the image seem to support this theory, with most falling around the age cutoff date.

The image serves as a reminder that appearances can be deceiving, especially in the realm of youth sports. While it may be amusing to witness a 12-year-old with a mustache or a 6-foot-tall 11-year-old, it raises important questions about fair competition and the potential risks involved when players of vastly different sizes and ages compete against each other.

As the image continues to circulate, it is clear that the topic of age and physical development in youth sports will remain a hotly debated issue. Perhaps it's time for organizations and leagues to reevaluate their age verification processes to ensure fair play and the safety of all participants.

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My name is Carlos and I am 12


Dude’s got a whole-a** moustache he shaved yesterday morning


Whaaat I’m having trouble with this are these people really under 13? Or is it one of those “ages are dubious” situations because… cmon!!


My kid is 13, in our local club league we saw the opposing striker drive off in his own car after the game. No idea what the point is. But it’s borderline dangerous to have grown a** men out there with kids who are still small. These aren’t your average early to mature players, they’re grown men playing 12-13 year olds.


OP lied tho, this is a friendly between a U-15 team from a moroccan's academy vs guinea's national U-13 team. Make sense for 15 years olds to be that much taller than 12-13 years olds


Just to point out that the ones in light blue shirts are the match officials...


Just like that picture of the girls USA vs Honduras


The Morrocan player should have his wife and kids beside him.


I guess being, “under 13 sometime in your life” counts


Spain's basketball team crushes all opposition during the Paralympics in Sydney 2000. But when the team returns home, all is revealed. One of the players is actually a digging journalist, who all along intended to publish the secret. 10 out of 12 in the team have pretended to be intellectually disabled. No IQ tests were done before the game. Everything is fake. Their cheating will have devastating consequences for generations of athletes, worldwide.

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