The Unbelievable Ice Cream Imposters: Heinz Mayo, BBQ, and Ketchup Cremlz Exposed!

Mia Nightshade

Updated Wednesday, May 1, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a shocking twist of flavors, a viral image has surfaced on Reddit, leaving viewers both intrigued and repulsed. The image showcases a display case containing three metal trays, each holding a different creamy substance that bears an uncanny resemblance to delectable ice cream. However, upon closer inspection, it is revealed that these are not your typical sweet treats. Brace yourselves for the Heinz Mayo, BBQ, and Ketchup Cremlz!

Starting from the left, the first tray harbors a pale yellow substance labeled with the intriguing sign "HEINZ MAYO CREMLZ." The texture of this creamy concoction resembles slightly melted soft-serve ice cream, with each scoop leaving behind a tantalizingly textured surface. While some may find the idea of mayo-flavored ice cream off-putting, it's undeniable that this peculiar creation has stirred up quite the controversy.

Moving along to the middle tray, we encounter a beige-tinged creamy substance that beckons us with the sign "HEINZ BBQ CREMLZ." Unlike its mayo counterpart, this creamy treat boasts a smoother surface, with only a few scoops seemingly taken. The thought of indulging in a smoky, tangy BBQ-flavored ice cream might raise an eyebrow or two, but some adventurous taste buds may find themselves irresistibly drawn to this unique fusion.

Last but not least, we arrive at the rightmost tray, where a light pink-hued creamy substance awaits. The sign proudly proclaims "HEINZ KETCHUP CREMLZ," hinting at a tomato-based flavor. As with the other trays, this one has been scooped out to serve, further fueling the curiosity of onlookers. The idea of ketchup-flavored ice cream might polarize opinions, but it's hard to deny the intrigue surrounding this unconventional creation.

Each tray is adorned with the iconic "HEINZ" logo, reminiscent of classic frozen treat labels that transport us back to nostalgic ice cream parlors. The image's blurred backdrop suggests a commercial setting, leaving us to wonder if these condiment-inspired ice cream imposters are merely a marketing ploy or a bold culinary experiment.

Naturally, this viral image has sparked a flurry of reactions from netizens. Some couldn't help but express their disgust, like one commenter who exclaimed, "Those don't seem that... dear God, that's ice cream?🤮" Another user creatively shared their aversion, stating, "I want your toilet paper to rip the wrong way." It's safe to say that not everyone is on board with the idea of these unconventional flavors.

However, amidst the sea of criticism, there are those who dare to defend these unusual creations. One commenter reminisced about the infamous purple ketchup and how it garnered its fair share of both praise and disdain. They assert, "Purple ketchup was amazing, and I will not allow the slander to continue. Perfect for tailgates if your team happened to wear purple." It seems that taste preferences truly vary from person to person.

While the Heinz Mayo, BBQ, and Ketchup Cremlz may leave some feeling queasy, others are quick to point out that taste is subjective. As one commenter humorously remarked, "Tomato is a fruit, and people do dip fries in soft serve and frosties... maybe if they came with fries?" Indeed, the world of flavor combinations is vast and ever-evolving, with no shortage of surprising concoctions.

So, whether you're an adventurous foodie willing to explore uncharted flavor territories or a staunch traditionalist sticking to tried-and-true ice cream classics, the Heinz Mayo, BBQ, and Ketchup Cremlz have undeniably created a stir in the culinary realm. Love them or loathe them, one thing is for certain: these condiment-inspired ice cream imposters have successfully piqued our curiosity and ignited a spirited debate about the boundaries of taste.

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Those don't seem that... dear God, that's ice cream?🤮


I want your toilet paper to rip the wrong way.


Delete this and delete that store immediately


I dont know what is terrifing more, the fact that these flavors exist or the fact that there are people that wanted it.


Tomato is a fruit and people do dip fries in soft serve and frosties... maybe if they came with fries?


The spelling alone is enough to ruin one's day, I mean what *is* that horrible word, and why is it plural? It's an uncountable unmentionable substance, and a single tub of each, why in the world is it in mutilated plural?


Hot take: Heinz BBQ and Ketchup have so much sugar in them, they are basically dessert items already. Mayo… I’m sorry, who hurt you?


Now I know what an abomination looks like.


Purple ketchup was amazing and I will not allow the slander to continue. Perfect for tailgates if your team happened to wear purple


Is this ice cream or a weed dispensary

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