Unveiling the High-Level Thief Behind the Dollar General Self-Checkout Ban

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Thursday, April 4, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at your favorite retail stores? Well, a recent image shared on Reddit has shed some light on a rather peculiar situation at Dollar General. This image, which features a handwritten sign, has caused quite a stir among customers and gamers alike.

The sign, displayed in a glass frame on a metallic stand, instantly catches the eye with its bold, green marker handwriting. The message it conveys is both intriguing and perplexing: "Do to High Level Thief, There are No more Self Checkouts."

Upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that there's more to this story than meets the eye. The sign, positioned near a checkout area, suggests that Dollar General has taken drastic measures to address a persistent issue with theft. By removing the self-checkout option, the store hopes to deter any high-level thieves from taking advantage of the system.

But who is this high-level thief? Was it a notorious shoplifter who managed to outsmart the self-checkout machines? Or perhaps it was a cunning individual who exploited a loophole in the system? The image doesn't provide us with the answers we seek, but it certainly sparks our curiosity.

The Reddit comments on this image further amplify the intrigue surrounding the situation. Users speculate about the level of the thief, with one comment humorously asking, "What level was this thief?" Another user playfully adds, "With level 100 sneak, it doesn't matter if there's a cashier or not."

Some commenters even share their own experiences related to theft and self-checkout. One user admits to wearing their "Grey Cowl of Nocturnal" when shopping for discounts, while another jokingly claims to have achieved a thieving skill of 99 through Dollar General runs.

Interestingly, this image also drew comparisons to other retail stores. A user mentions how a nearby Michael's store has removed all cashiers and switched to self-checkout only. The shift towards self-service seems to be a growing trend, albeit one that comes with its own set of challenges.

Despite the potentially negative implications of the sign, some users appreciate the cheeriness of its design. The casual, slightly uneven handwriting and the scattered colorful dots on the semi-transparent background give the sign a unique charm.

As the image continues to circulate online, it sparks discussions about store security, the effectiveness of self-checkout systems, and the lengths to which retailers go to combat theft. Who knew that a simple sign could ignite such a flurry of speculation and amusement?

While we may never uncover the true identity of the high-level thief mentioned in the Dollar General sign, this image serves as a reminder that the world of retail is full of surprises. So, the next time you visit your favorite store, keep an eye out for any handwritten signs that might reveal secrets lurking beneath the surface. You never know what mysteries you might uncover.

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Top Comments from Reddit


What level was this thief?


I told the DM he was giving out too much exp...


With level 100 sneak it doesn’t matter if there’s a cashier or not.


Me: That means you'll be staffing the checkout lanes, right? Dollar General: ..... Me: ... That means you'll be staffing the checkout lanes.... Right....?


Wow so level much high very thief


That’s on a par with when people say/write “been” instead of “being”


One near me literally left the entire front of the store un-attended as the staff stocked shelves. The f*** they think people are gonna do?


I always bring my Grey Cowl of Nocturnal whenever I needed to shop for ‘discounts’.


Is "do" the right word? I'm not a native speaker.


Swerve- there are also no cashiers

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