Lighthearted Convention Sign Exposes the Importance of Personal Hygiene!

Mia Nightshade

Updated Thursday, April 4, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the world of conventions, where fans of all kinds gather to celebrate their passions, there's one issue that seems to permeate the air - literally. We're talking about the dreaded odor problem that arises when personal hygiene takes a backseat. But fear not, because one hero has taken it upon themselves to address this aromatic issue in the most amusing way possible.

A recent image making the rounds on social media showcases a convention-goer, standing proudly in a bustling exhibition hall. Sporting a homemade costume and a neutral expression, this individual holds up a cardboard sign that reads, "IF you can afford a Con you can afford DEODORANT." And let's just say, it's a message that resonates with many attendees.

The image captures the essence of a convention atmosphere, with tables adorned with posters and a backdrop filled with manga and comic book prints. It seems that this particular event caters to fans of the popular manga and anime series, as indicated by the signage featuring the word "WANTED" and the name "NICO ROBIN." The presence of merchandise related to these beloved series creates an exciting backdrop for this lighthearted encounter.

But what makes this image truly noteworthy is the witty commentary it brings to light. The sign held by our hero humorously suggests that if someone can afford to attend a convention, they should also be able to afford personal hygiene products like deodorant. It's a lighthearted reminder that in crowded spaces where personal space is limited, a little consideration goes a long way.

The online community has embraced this image, with users expressing their amusement and sharing their own experiences. Some commenters recalled encounters with less-than-pleasant aromas at various conventions, while others shared anecdotes of witnessing similar signs at different events. The thread of comments reveals a shared understanding that personal hygiene is a crucial aspect of any public gathering.

One commenter even proposed a humorous business idea, suggesting that our sign-wielding hero should set up shop near the entrance of Comic-Con, selling deodorants and sanitizers. It's clear that this image has struck a chord with convention-goers and sparked a much-needed conversation about the importance of personal cleanliness in these bustling events.

So, next time you find yourself preparing for a thrilling convention experience, remember the lighthearted image of our cardboard sign-wielding hero. Let it serve as a reminder to pack your deodorant along with your cosplay outfit and merchandise wishlist. After all, being a fan is fantastic, but being a considerate and fresh-smelling fan? That's the true mark of a hero in any convention hall!

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I wish he had a booth near the entrance of Comic-Con with that sign selling deodorants and sanitizers


I haven't noticed that issue at the comic convention I go to every year. The place I see it is at game stores during a Magic the Gathering tournament. Brutal.


Problem isn't always deodorant. Could be smelly clothes from too many wears between laundering. Point still stands though.


Please wash armpits and b*** holes before going somewhere in public. I think some people are noseblind to their own smells. Just water trickling into your b*** crack is not going to cut it. Get some soap in there. I know people who shower and still smell like a**.


This guy looks like there is a 50/50 chance he might smell.


I’ve never been to any type of con. I remember seeing a post on Reddit of a sign posted at ComicCon. It was a female anime character having just showered with a towel wrapped around her torso, and another wrapped around her head with the caption, “Showers are sexy. Please take one!” I never knew there was such a hygiene problem at these events. I know there’s a stereotype of “nerds” not being able to find a girlfriend because they’re into anime and video game type entertainment. Maybe, just maybe, they can’t find a girlfriend because they stink?


I did recently go to AdeptiCon, my first Con ever of any kind, and did notice a couple people with some BO. Thousands of people though, so it’s bound to happen.


That's the best costume I have ever witnessed at these gatherings!


Is he addressing this to the mods?


Deodorant isn’t a substitute for showering

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