Curious Cat Discovers the Perfect Spot on New Plush Couch

Zoey Waverider

Updated Wednesday, April 3, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the world of cats, finding the perfect spot to relax and unwind is of utmost importance. And it seems like this adorable feline has found its new favorite spot right in the corner of its hooman's brand new plush couch. The image, titled "How my cat sleeps on the new couch," showcases the incredible comfort and appeal of this cozy piece of furniture.

The couch itself is a sight to behold. Covered in a textured fabric with a soft grey coloration, it invites anyone to sink in and experience pure relaxation. The plushness is evident, making it the ideal spot for a tired kitty to curl up and catch some z's. Nestled in the corner, our furry friend, whose face remains hidden, is basking in the luxury provided by the soft pink blanket that covers the seat of the couch.

The contrast between the dark fur of the cat and the light grey couch, accentuated by the pink blanket, creates a visually appealing scene. It's as if the cat is the centerpiece of the entire composition, drawing our attention to its serene and tranquil presence. Its well-kept fur adds an extra touch of elegance to the overall picture.

From the cat's posture, we can deduce that it is either peacefully resting or captivated by something in the corner. The stillness in the image captures a moment of pure tranquility, leaving us wondering what has caught the cat's attention. Is it a hidden toy? Or perhaps a view that only our feline friend can perceive? The mystery adds to the allure of the image, leaving us longing to know more.

The comments on the post further add to the charm and relatability of the image. Users share their own experiences with their cats' peculiar sleeping habits, ranging from facing the back of the couch to embracing their introverted nature. Some even suggest that the cat might be enjoying the new couch before it gets tainted by human smells. The reactions are a delightful reminder that cats are indeed mysterious and unique creatures.

Whether you're a cat lover or simply appreciate the beauty of a peaceful moment, this image is sure to captivate your heart. The combination of the plush couch, the contrasting colors, and the enigmatic presence of the cat makes for a truly mesmerizing sight. It's no wonder that viewers are left wanting to experience the comfort and sophistication of such a couch for themselves.

So, next time you find yourself in need of a cozy place to unwind, take a cue from this adorable feline and find your own perfect spot. Who knows, you might discover a hidden treasure right in the corner of your own couch, just waiting to provide you with moments of pure bliss.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Clearly you haven’t shoved your face into the couch**** before


My void also liked doing this but it was facing the back of the couch and not the crack. We would watch TV she would allow us to pet her but she would fall asleep facing the back of the couch. Cats are weird.


I miss her


My cat also facing into corner or face to wall. Do not know why bit it's fine.


Probably because of your late night antics on the couch.....finding a spot that doesn't smell.


Looks like the cat is embracing the "living on the edge" lifestyle – quite literally!


Nice cat but that sofa looks real good !


looks like the cat is "head pressing" and its a sign of depression in cats and dogs. when they press their head against a wall or flat surface, its a red flag.


I would have to try it myself and make sure I'm not missing out on something.


Thought maybe you put her in timeout

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