Amusing Manicure Mishap: Husband's Comical Pricing Leaves Everyone in Stitches

Mia Nightshade

Updated Wednesday, April 3, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent viral video that has taken the internet by storm, a husband attempts to provide a manicure service for his wife, leading to a series of comical exchanges and unexpected pricing. The video, titled "Manicure service by husband," showcases the couple's playful banter and the husband's humorous approach to the task at hand.

The video begins with the wife, Samantha, being asked by her husband if she would like a manicure appointment. Excitedly, she agrees and is prompted to pick a color. After a brief moment of consideration, Samantha decides on a floral design, unaware that this choice would come at an extra cost of $9.99.

Noticing her hesitation, the husband jokingly offers to mix in additional colors for an extra $5.99 each. In good spirits, Samantha agrees to both options, embracing the festive spirit and the upcoming Easter holiday.

As the husband diligently works on Samantha's nails, he throws in humorous comments and questions, including asking if she has a boyfriend and if she helps him with his vehicles. Samantha playfully responds that she is actually married and doesn't frequently get her nails done, providing a lighthearted twist to the conversation.

Throughout the video, the husband introduces unexpected charges, such as an extra $2 for Samantha's insistence on a shorter length and a final bill of $65.99. In a amusing turn of events, the husband even jokingly suggests accepting a car as a form of payment, to which Samantha responds with a playful agreement.

The video's comment section is filled with laughter and admiration for the couple's amusing interaction. Users praise the husband's sense of humor and his ability to keep the mood light, even when discussing payment options. One user jokingly suggests that Samantha could have received a 50% discount if she had chosen the "other form of payment" mentioned by the husband.

Others express their delight at the couple's adorable dynamic, using words like "wholesome" and "cute" to describe the video. Some users even playfully suggest alternative forms of payment, adding to the overall humor surrounding the situation.

The video has garnered attention as a refreshing and light-hearted moment of laughter in a world often filled with stress and tension. The husband's witty comments and humorous pricing make this video a must-watch for anyone in need of a good laugh.

The video "Manicure service by husband" showcases the delightful and comical interaction between a husband and wife during a manicure session. Their playful banter, unexpected pricing, and humorous exchanges have captivated viewers across the internet, providing a much-needed moment of levity and laughter.

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I'm paying with card. Ok that will be $2.99 extra.


this guy trying to save that money real hard.


Give the guy his other form of payment ...


She could have gotten 50% off if she chose the 'other form of payment'


Pretty sure this is what a "sigma male" is supposed to be instead of all that other stuff you see online. This was really funny.


“I’ll do card…” “U sure? Wouldn’t you rather do…. Me?”


This is so wholesome and adorable.


#PICK A COLOR!! *you* pick a color


No joke in this economy.


Give this man a happy ending

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