Wacky Uber Glitch Allows Passengers to Pee Freely in Rides: The Unbelievable Story Unveiled

Avery Emberly

Updated Tuesday, April 2, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a bizarre turn of events, a screenshot of an Uber message notification has surfaced, revealing a shocking glitch in the rideshare app. The image, which has been circulating on social media, showcases an unexpected message that reads, "You can now wee in your Uber ride." Yes, you read that right - it appears that Uber has suddenly allowed passengers to engage in this bodily function during their rides.

The image itself portrays the familiar Uber logo, a pale blue circle with a dark blue square inside, forming the letter "U." To the right of the logo, the word "Uber" is written in black text, along with a timestamp indicating the time of the message. However, it's the message text below that has caught everyone's attention.

While it's safe to assume that this message is the result of a typo, an autocorrect blunder, or perhaps even a bizarre joke, the implications are too wacky to ignore. The term "wee" is commonly associated with urination, an activity that is clearly not acceptable in any vehicle, let alone a rideshare. It's puzzling to think how such a message managed to slip through the cracks of Uber's sophisticated notification system.

As expected, social media users wasted no time in expressing their thoughts on this peculiar glitch. One user commented, "Only allowed to wee? Damn." Another chimed in, "I never stopped," suggesting that they have been discreetly engaging in this bodily function during their Uber rides all along. The humor continued with comments like, "Finally," and "WAY OF THE ROAD BOYS," showcasing the range of reactions to this unexpected announcement.

Of course, not everyone found the glitch amusing. One user bluntly stated, "No thanks Uber, not even if you were on fire," expressing their strong disapproval of such a message. Another user playfully referenced the iconic phrase, "G****s and strife?" adding to the lighthearted banter surrounding this mishap.

While it's evident that this notification is a result of an error rather than an intentional feature, the incident has undeniably sparked laughter and conversation online. Uber has yet to address the issue officially, leaving users to wonder how this glitch managed to slip past their quality control measures.

As the image continues to circulate, it serves as a reminder that even technology giants like Uber are not immune to the occasional mishap. It also highlights the power of social media in bringing attention to such incidents and providing a platform for users to share their amusement and disbelief.

So, next time you hop into an Uber, rest assured that urination is not suddenly allowed during your ride. It seems that this glitch has provided us with a good laugh and a momentary diversion from the everyday hustle and bustle. Remember, the only "wee" you should be concerned about in an Uber ride is the "wee" bit of excitement as you reach your destination.

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Only allowed to wee? Damn.




I never stopped.




Uber - make your wee ride a whee ride!


No thanks Uber, not even if you were on fire


G****s and strife?


Finally “Weeeeeeee”

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