Silly Prank Unleashes Hundreds of Rubber Ducks: The Great Duck Hunt Begins!

Aiden Starling

Updated Tuesday, April 2, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever played a prank on someone that turned out to be so incredibly funny and entertaining? Well, one Reddit user definitely knows how to spice up their marriage with a mischievous sense of humor. In a post titled "I hid 100 rubber ducks while my wife was asleep. As of 8 this morning, she has found about a third of them," this creative individual shared their epic prank that has captured the attention of thousands.

The image accompanying the post showcases a delightful arrangement of small rubber duck-shaped objects. These adorable bath toys come in a variety of pastel colors, including shades of green, orange, pink, yellow, white, and gray. Each duck features a charming design with two black dots for eyes and an orange beak. Playfully scattered across a dark surface, these ducks seem to be facing different directions, adding a touch of whimsy to the scene.

The post quickly gained traction, and users flooded the comments section with their own experiences and reactions. Some shared their own wild duck-hiding stories, like the user who lived in a house called "Ducky Street" during university, where rubber ducks would mysteriously appear in unexpected places. Others reminisced about similar pranks involving different objects, such as hiding tiny frogs or plastic baby Jesus figu****s.

While the original poster's wife embarked on a duck-finding mission, determined to discover all 100 hidden treasures, the community couldn't help but speculate about the prankster's involvement in the search. Will they secretly assist in finding the remaining two-thirds of the rubber ducks? Or will they sit back and enjoy the silly chaos that unfolds?

Interestingly, renowned comedian James Veitch even made an appearance in the comments section, drawing a parallel between this prank and one of his own experiences involving rubber ducks. It seems that the joy and laughter sparked by harmless pranks know no bounds, transcending both online communities and real-life anecdotes.

As the post continues to generate buzz, one thing is for certain: this mischievous prank has struck a chord with people all over the internet. From hidden ducks behind walls and in ceilings to the never-ending discovery of frogs and plastic baby Jesus figu****s, the joy of unexpected surprises and harmless hijinks is truly universal.

So, the next time you're looking to add a dash of excitement to your life, take a page from this Reddit user's book and embark on your own duck-hiding adventure. Just make sure your loved ones have a sense of humor and a keen eye for spotting those elusive rubber ducks!

In the meantime, let's eagerly await an update on whether the wife successfully finds all 100 rubber ducks or if these mischievous little bath toys continue to bring laughter and joy for years to come.

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Step 1) hide 99 ducks throughout the house. Step 2) "honey, I hid 100 ducks all over the house." Step 3) in your last will and testament, leave the wife an envelope only to be opened after you've passed. Inside, a handwritten note- "There were only 99 ducks." Step 4) Profit?


[Update:]( She spent the bulk of her morning routine searching feverishly for the remaining ducks and is so far up to 76 (one not pictured as she found it in her purse after getting to work). She’s confident that she’ll be able to find the remaining 24 by the end of the day. I, however, am skeptical


I have a feeling OP will be the one finding the remaining 2/3rds and putting them away.


My boyfriend lived in a house during university that had hundreds of rubber ducks hidden everywhere. The roommates would all constantly hide them in new places or in each other's stuff and one time we had to fix something in the bathroom and found rubber ducks behind the wall. Nobody knows where they first came from. We called the house Ducky Street.


Excuse me sir, you're not supposed to post your duck pics on this subreddit. Keep that s*** between you and your wife.


My wife and I did this at her mom's house for Christmas, but with little baby Jesus'. They go to Florida for the winter and they come back for a few days for Christmas. So when they came back, they started finding little plastic baby Jesus' all over the house. There were about a 6-8 family members over for those few days, and they had a blast finding them all.


I miss f***swithducks


We did 300 of the mini ones at my dad’s house… he was not super delighted But they had guests over who had kids and those kids found a ton of them


My sister and I hid over 100 tiny frogs all over my parents house while they were on Vaca. My mom is obsessed with frogs (like has figu****s all over the house) so we thought it would be a silly prank. My mom thought it was absolutely hilarious and searched high and low right away. My dad wasn't as annoyed by it as I thought and has enjoyed finding a frog here and there. It's taken them months and we are still finding them! Highly recommend as a silly prank.


James Veitch? Is that you!?! XD

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