Lock Picking Expert Unveils His 36-Inch Tool That Wrecks Locks!

Riley Sundew

Updated Tuesday, April 2, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Lock picking is an art that requires precision and the right tools. And when it comes to the Lockpicking Lawyer, he always goes above and beyond to showcase his skills. In a recent video, he introduces his latest tool - a massive 36-inch long King D***.

In the video, the Lockpicking Lawyer explains that he had previously used a 24-inch pipe wrench to demonstrate how to twist popular padlocks off their hasps. While effective, he realized that he needed a better tool to continue the series. That's when his friends stepped in with their own suggestions.

First, his friend Tony offered an 8-inch w***, which may be suitable for standard jobs, but lacked the power he needed. Then, his friend Trevor offered a 10-inch rigid tool, which was sturdy but still fell short. Next, his friend Rob offered a 14-inch Johnson, but the bend in the tool made it less desirable. Finally, his friend Nick offered a 4-inch long King D***, which was too small for the job.

However, this got the Lockpicking Lawyer thinking. He remembered that he had his own King D***, a whopping 36 inches in length. Although he had used it for laying pipe in the past, he had never showcased it on video or publicly. But with caution in mind, he decided to reveal the power of his 36-inch King D***.

As the Lockpicking Lawyer demonstrates, the size of his tool should never be underestimated. With a swing of his 36-inch King D***, he can do a lot of damage, even potentially wrecking a home. The video shows the Lockpicking Lawyer testing his tool, much to the surprise of Mrs. Lockpicking Lawyer who walked in and watched him work.

But the Lockpicking Lawyer's King D*** isn't just a powerful tool. Mrs. Lockpicking Lawyer challenged him to get into her beaver using nothing but his King D***. Unfazed by the challenge, the Lockpicking Lawyer successfully completes the task, leaving viewers amused and impressed.

The video garnered a lot of attention from viewers, with comments ranging from laughter to admiration for the Lockpicking Lawyer's skills. Some users couldn't help but giggle at the situation, while others praised his dry and serious tone throughout the video. The mention of the King D*** also sparked some humorous remarks from the community.

While some viewers were surprised by the explicit references in the video, others appreciated the entertainment value and the Lockpicking Lawyer's ability to push boundaries. In the end, the video showcased the Lockpicking Lawyer's expertise and his knack for using unconventional tools to achieve his goals.

So, if you're interested in the world of lock picking and want to witness the power of the Lockpicking Lawyer's 36-inch King D***, be sure to check out his latest video. But remember, when it comes to handling a tool this big, caution is key!

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I am an adult; I can get through this without giggling.


Picking locks my a**. ​ Nevermind...


I found this funnier than I should admit. Well played Mr. LPL


Absolutely destroyed Mrs. LPL's Beaver with his King D***!


Man if my wife starts using locks I am not going to be equipped to help her if she loses the key.


This is gold. I’m dying over here. His serious, dry tone throughout just adds to it.


King D*** for the win!!!


That's not my s*****!


Even a tic tac hurts at 100mph


What hasp is he using for those locks. I am surprised it did not fail first

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