The Humorous Dilemma of ADHD: Choosing Between Productivity and Procrastination

Mia Nightshade

Updated Monday, April 1, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Are you familiar with the struggle of having ADHD? If so, you're not alone. A recent image shared on social media has captured the attention of many, shedding light on the daily challenges faced by individuals with ADHD. The image, titled "Crossroads," humorously depicts the internal battle between productivity and procrastination.

In the image, we see a simple outdoor scene divided into two sections by the label "ADHDinos." The top half features two wooden signposts, each presenting a different approach to tackling tasks. On the left, labeled as "Option 1," the signpost lists the following bullet points: have a task to do, do the task, and feel accomplished. On the right, labeled as "Option 2," the signpost presents a contrasting set of bullet points: neglect the task, stress about the task, and eventually complete the task fueled by stress and burnout.

At the bottom half of the image, a cute blue cartoon dinosaur, known as the "ADHDino," captures the essence of the struggle. The dinosaur gazes at the signpost of "Option 2" with a speech bubble that reads, "Is this genuinely a tough choice for you?" Another speech bubble near the dinosaur's tail points to the signpost, stating, "Later just sounds really nice."

The image perfectly encapsulates the internal conflict experienced by individuals with ADHD. It humorously highlights the temptation to choose procrastination over productivity, emphasizing the allure of delaying tasks for a more comfortable future moment.

The playful and light-hearted illustration sends a relatable message to those who grapple with ADHD. It sparks a sense of unity among individuals who understand the daily struggles of battling distractions, managing time, and finding motivation. The image has resonated with many, as evidenced by the enthusiastic comments it has received.

One user commented, "Ah, these dinos are a riot! Keep 'em coming, pal." The relatability of the image's message has clearly struck a chord with many individuals facing similar challenges. Another user shared their personal experience, expressing, "I have this in a very extreme form. My brain refuses to work on something unless the pressure is immense. Is that related to ADHD or is this something else actually?"

The image has even sparked further interest and engagement within the ADHD community. One user mentioned, "More dinos over on r/ADHDinos," inviting others to explore a subreddit dedicated to sharing similar content. Additionally, an email list has been created, providing a platform for further discussion and support.

The image titled "Crossroads" offers a light-hearted and relatable perspective on the daily struggle of individuals with ADHD. It captures the internal battle between productivity and procrastination, showcasing the allure of delaying tasks for a more comfortable future. The image has generated widespread engagement and sparked meaningful conversations within the ADHD community. It serves as a reminder that while the challenges may be daunting, individuals with ADHD are not alone in their journey towards finding balance and success.

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Yes it is


More dinos over on [r/ADHDinos]( I'm also working on an [email list]( :)


Task: make decision on presented options.


Ah, these dinos are a riot! Keep em coming, pal


I have this in a very extreme form. My brain refuses to work on something unless the pressure is immense (deadline most of the case). Like I just shut down if I try to force it sometimes. Is that related to adhd or is this something else actually?  Never heard it grouped with adhd but it feels like more than just basic procrastination.

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